Harith Tharang Launches Seed Calendar for a Greener Future

Business Wire India
Harith Tharang, the innovative gardening store located at T. Nagar, Chennai was commenced in August 2010 with a tiny initiative of ‘Gift-A-Plant’ and has bloomed into a reputed enterprise at present. Translating to ‘Green Wave’ in Sanskrit, Harith Tharang, the best plant nursery in Chennai, envisions to create a green wave across urban spaces and provoke a gardener in everyone.
From a counter display unit to a unique garden center at the heart of the city, the plant boutique has flourished over the years to become the best garden shop. The store offers more than 200 varieties of plants, landscaping, vertical gardens options, and many more. Recyclable planters, customizable accessories, bamboo and wooden products provided by the nursery, make this place a one-stop-solution for a sustainable world.
10 Years of Growing with Nature
To commemorate their 10 years anniversary in the field, Harith Tharang unveils all-new logo, brand identity and a peculiar seed paper calendar as a part of their rebranding campaign.
More than 80 million tons of paper waste are collected every year. The trees are also being cut at an alarming rate all over the world. To combat this perennial issue, and to instill hope among the community during this testing time, Harith Tharang launches their exclusive Seed Paper Calendar for 2021. The calendar that is made out of seed paper encourages everyone to plant the paper and take part in the green movement. The creative garden store is also all set to implement paper bills free transactions from 2021 as a part of their campaign.
“I identify myself as a plant-lover and through this revolutionary seed paper calendar, I aspire to fulfil my quest for a greener world,” says Mrs. Rashmi Sunil, founder of the nursery.
Based on the theme of ‘Veterans’, this special calendar features digital arts of twelve age-old trees belonging to various districts of Tamil Nadu. The name ‘Veteran’ is accorded to someone who has a long history of serving for the society. Braving adverse weather conditions and calamities, all these trees are the real veterans of our Nation as they stand tall for more than a hundred plus years, now. The nursery shop aims to create awareness about these iconic trees and its significance in building a greener future.
Birth Marque, Branding company in Chennai did the rebranding and designing works for this exceptional campaign. “These bygone trees stir a sense of optimism amongst everyone. Through our digital illustrations of ancient trees, we aspire to bring out the cultural aspects of our state,” says Mr. Shailendra Shivakumar, Founder and CEO of Birth Marque, the best branding agency in Chennai. Providing varied public relations services, this digital marketing company in Chennai is also known for their sustainable innovations.
The thematic calendar contains illustrations of the renowned Adyar Banyan tree, 500 years old African native Baobab tree located at Virudhunagar, 200 years old enormous Neem tree from Erode, 400 years old majestic Tamarind tree from Trichy and many more such trees that narrate a gripping tale of endurance.