How to Build Your Personal Brand and Get High Ticket Clients: Akash Anand

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Akash Anand is a business enthusiast, a passionate Branding and Growth Marketing Consultant and CEO of his growth hacking agency ‘SocialEbox’ & academy ‘Askakashanand’. Before putting a glance at his views, suggestions and ideas let’s get an introduction of him with a trail of his short backstory that how it all began. 
Akash Anand describes his behind the journey story as “I earned my first income at the age of 19 through a commission-based business and it was INR 150 but felt like the most valuable money I have ever had. I worked on grooming my personality, work capacity and started learning new high paying skills.
Finally, I chose to get some experience and did my first job at the age of 21. I have a business mindset therefore once I earned enough money for survival, I quit the job and focussed myself to begin a journey in the business world from scratch.”
Now let’s talk about the practices in personal branding and various ways of making high ticket clients land in your business.
Here Akash Anand is sharing a few tips that will help you get high ticket clients for your business.

1. Know your Ideal Client Profile (ICP): ICP is really important in making your marketing effective and helps in attracting clients. You need to study the psychographic and demographic profile of your target audience or particularly a client you are pitching. 

Here psychographic profile means interests, pain and desire of an individual or group.
On the other side, demographic profile means study of income, location, age group and flow of demands in a region/community/state. This altogether creates ICP.
It will help you to know about the gaps between your marketing or business strategy.

2. Flaunt your expertise confidently: To grab the attention of clients, and your audience you must know and show your expertise in online space as well as offline space. Suppose your team is great at social media marketing, illustration, graphic designing and content creation then you should cater it creatively like no one can provide these services better than you. Show them a glimpse of your best work and present your testimonials to give them a look at how you have earned the appreciation.


3. Trading your time for MONEY is outdated: If you have an amazing team and you know your calibre then it is necessary to learn the art of trading your time, creativity and services for worthy clients. Learn profitable marketing skills and entice the clients who actually appreciate your work and pay your premium prices without a question. Basically, let your time and efforts be the part of something that you really deserve.


4. Maintain Transparency & Authenticity: Transparency and authenticity in personal branding is really crucial. Be real to your services, promises and maintain integrity. Keep sheer clear communication with your clients and audience in order to avoid any clash or doubt. 


5. Build strong reach over online Platforms & Maintain relationships with influencers: Use the potential of all social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Quora and others out there. Harness the opportunities from these variety of platforms by developing a strong and reliable bond with target users and influencers. You can do some amazing and beneficial collaborations with influencers which will help your online business grow due to large audience reach. Today your online presence defines your idea, aim, vision and brand, so be there fully prepared!


6. Invest in visuals and content creation: It is a practical thing that attracts the eyes, attracts the mind as well as heart. Your product and services should be astoundingly presentable in front of clients and consumers.

This is a fact that “things will be sold, when they are bold.” Here, it simply means your website, brochure, videos, pictures etc. must look classy and unique. It will help you stand in a market crowd for a long time. Invest in creating high quality content so that everyone just gets mesmerized the way you are conveying things.

7. Develop a CEO Presence:  If you are a man of business then you must have confidence, exceptionally good communication skill, strong negotiation quality. This whole trait will help you in developing a CEO presence. This is a practical and widely known fact that high-end clients are attracted to fellow leaders and entrepreneurs who confidently carry the aura of CEO presence. 

When you have the CEO kind of personality and vibe, you will be able to exude different energy. High-paying clients, and customers in general, will notice what your body language and words are putting out. 

The high-end clients especially want to do business with successful entrepreneurs, so remember this “Don’t fake it, until you make it” and go ahead to learn and imbibe this skill of developing leadership/CEO presence.
This is a known fact that every entrepreneur’s goal is to land those high-ticket, lucrative clients in his/her business. And definitely, it should be, because if you can get 10x the money out of each client or annual contract of a premium amount of money, you can focus on doing your work, spend quality time with your family and friends rather than spending the majority of your time hustling for new leads. 
Your business deserves high-ticket clients and booking them consistently, you know that. The good news is that you can make that happen in reality.
With the use of above mentioned strategies, you can help your business to pull in larger deals and clients who show up ready to do business. Visit ‘Askakashanand’ and ‘SocialEbox’ for more detailed and amazing techniques of marketing/business strategies suggested by Akash.