InCred Wealth in Hyper Growth Stage

Business Wire IndiaOver the last couple of decades, the fast-growing Indian wealth management industry has largely been dominated by banks and a few specialized wealth firms. InCred Wealth has entered this rapidly evolving market and established itself as a force to reckon with in a short span of time.

In a year where the pandemic disrupted the core high-touch customer engagement strategy, InCred Wealth has defied norms to emerge as a winner in the HNI/UHNI space. Despite starting operations in 2020 when the lockdown caught everyone by surprise, the team under the leadership of Nitin Rao – CEO, continued to work remotely with a single-minded focus to build a strong foundation for the business. The firm attracted the best talent to achieve incredible results and in record time (less than six months), put together one of the most sophisticated, well researched and path-breaking product platforms in the industry. Their offerings were powered by an integrated best-in-class tech-enabled portfolio management system for clients.

In little over a year, the firm has won the trust of over 1,600 HNI/UHNI clients and clocked over $1.2 billion (INR 9,000 crores) of Assets Under Management with 75+ Relationship Managers across 9 cities in India. It is unprecedented for a newly established Wealth Management player to build such a broad coverage and reach a high level of AUM in such a short period of time.

The InCred Wealth team has also been able to enhance its reach further by partnering with a network of financial advisors across the country by providing them with a bespoke menu of product options.
Commenting on the business, Nitin Rao, Chief Executive Officer, InCred Wealth said, “Our domestic clients are spread across over 50 Indian cities with NRI clients present across 10 countries, which highlights the respect enjoyed by our brand and the breadth and innovation of our product offerings.”
The firm has demonstrated success in a competitive market by offering a bouquet of well-researched and innovative investment ideas. InCred Wealth offers products ranging from primary and secondary debt & equity, private equity placements, equity structured products, alternative fund opportunities as well as access to global markets.
In the words of Bhupinder Singh, Founder & Group CEO, InCred, “I see immense opportunity in the Indian wealth management industry. Having led businesses globally, I see a lot of potential in transferring the learnings and best-in-class practices from around the world to the InCred Wealth business. We combine world class product innovation capabilities with locally rooted knowledge of the client psyche.”

The company continues to actively bolster its business through senior level hiring. In recent months, the firm has welcomed on board senior UHNI bankers like Vivek Kapoor and Nakul Beri. Vivek has over 18 years of experience in private wealth management and banking across India and the UK, having previously worked at Barclays Wealth and DSP Merrill Lynch. Nakul has 25 years of Corporate and Private Banking experience across multiple geographies, having worked with Citibank, Standard Chartered, Barclays and his last assignment was in Singapore with Union Bancaire Privee. The strong team of senior private bankers coupled with InCred Group’s expertise across investment banking, institutional debt and equities business, fund management, fixed income products and access to international products, makes for a unique proposition to bring to the country’s businessmen and start-up founders. The company in recent past also added a team from Citibank headed by Srikant Ramachandran.

Mr. Bhupinder Singh concluded by saying “I am personally extremely excited about the growth prospects for our Wealth Management business. To see us establish such a strong foothold in such a short span of time is deeply satisfying. Our unique blend of innovative products, an entrepreneurial start-up culture and the ability to hire top talent has helped us to hit the ground running with a long runway for growth in the years to come.”