India’s Largest Online Entrepreneur’s Summit to be Held on 24-26 July

Business Wire India

India’s Largest online entrepreneurial summit is right around the corner – “Startup Summit Live”. Stirring Minds brings in a 3-day extravaganza filled with knowledge and interest dated the 24th of July, 2020.

When asked, Entrepreneurs are posed with several commanding questions that make decision making a tedious task. And mostly they aren’t able to receive all these answers within a single place despite a lot of effort and trial. Stirring Minds refrains from beating around the bush. “Hiring the right people at the right time is harder than it looks”, “Funding is exhausting”, “The market seems to stall my products” – In the Entrepreneurship World, this feels more like nostalgia. Everybody has been there with over a million questions to ask; none to answer. Startup Summit scheduled on the 24th of the month over 3 days looks to make use of the digital platform to bring acclaimed speakers and esteemed guests to part their knowledge on entrepreneurship.
The event focuses on helping understand what it takes to make it out in the rigorous competing world outside. With plenty of lessons from billionaires, Multi-millionaires, Startup professionals, and expert Executives in their field, Startup Summit Live brings a lot to the table. Discussions on trending topics, debates, Q&A rounds, and an exclusive Fireside Chat with accomplished and noteworthy individuals interacting with the Founder Mr. Pranav Bhatia himself. Posing several questions and working towards finding solutions to the same, the event functions around trending, fiery titles such as the rise of Shepreneurs, positioning, and timing while entering the market, Startup models, talking business, and what tomorrow has to offer. The talks also include topics such as funding, incubation, the fitness industry, business continuity, digitization, and a lot more. “Funnelling out the best of the best”, “a blueprint to approaching Angels and VCs”, “understanding how to maintain a stable cash flow”, “building a market-pull product” and so much more. The gathering doesn’t just pose questions but throws out endless possibilities and opportunities for Startup enthusiasts to work with.

In experiencing a startup summit of such significance, one also falls for the perks it has to offer. Speakers include Tim Draper, a billionaire investor with successful successive investments in technology and media-driven startups of Tesla, SpaceX, Skype, Hotmail, Focus Media, Robinhood, Twitter, and several others. Tim is also known for the value education he provides budding entrepreneurs with, and instilling an idea to nurture and grow it into something bigger; Sir Martin Sorrell, an established spokesperson and billionaire investor with 33+ years of experience in the media and digital marketing field and founder/ CEO of WPP – now a $16 billion company is also giving an exclusive interview. Fabrice Grinda, a successful angel investor with $300+ million in exits and founder of OLX shall be giving a keynote. The summit features live talks from recognized and experienced Indian entrepreneurs including Alok Kejriwal (Games2Win), Ritesh Malik (Innov8), Sandeep Aggarwal (Shopclues, Droom) Shanti Mohan (Lets Venture), Mabel Chacko (Open Financial Technologies), Vivek Wadhw(Columnist-Forbes, Author-Driver in the Driverless Car), Sairee Chahal (Sheroes), Sagar Daryani (Wow! Momos), Aloke Bajpai (Ixigo), Pranay Gupta (91Springboard), Surabhi Dewra (CareerGuide) and whopping 100 others!

Startup Summit Live is giving free passes to viewers to join a Livestream of the world’s leading entrepreneurs as they give pointers on how to build your dreams right from the ground up. Apart from the free pass, the summit also offers paid passes at nominal rates. The Complete Event pass gives access to Q&A Sessions and Networking Sessions.

Entrepreneur’s pass is the limelight of the event giving access to Flagship Keynotes and webinars and video sessions recorded post the event a participation certificate as well. A deal too expensive to miss out on.

The summit is organized by Stirring Minds, an incubator, and an entrepreneurship support system. “COVID confined people to their homes, startup activity had slowed down and the need for learning and networking is prime in early stages, so I realized people would appreciate a platform to convene together in this virtual era. And from there we got Investors, Founders and Dreamers all on a single screen,” says Pranav Bhatia, under whose expert guidance Stirring Minds helps entrepreneurs turn their dream Startups into a reality with extensive assistance in all presets. It is an initiative to support, help grow, and nurture the entrepreneurial mind, ‘The Stirred One’ as they like to call it. Stirring Minds helps provide startup courses, investments, networks, and co-working spaces.
Startup Summit LIVE: