JEOL: Release of Electron Beam Metal AM Machine “JAM-5200EBM”

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JEOL Ltd. (TOKYO:6951) (President & COO Izumi Oi) announces the release of Electron Beam Metal AM Machine JAM-5200EBM from March 26, 2021. Using technology of the world’s highest level performance electron microscope and electron beam lithography system for semiconductor manufacturing, JEOL has developed an “Electron Beam Metal AM Machine” with higher power, higher density and higher speed. Moreover, thanks to the long life cathode*1 and helium-free, cost reduction and mass production of parts of high quality and reproducibility are achieved. Use in the fields that require a high level of quality such as aerospace, industrial power, and medical is expected.


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JAM-5200EBM (Photo: Business Wire)



1. The World’s Longest Life Cathode of 1,500 hours or more*2 improved the productivity
The cathode lasts over 1,500 hours. It can greatly reduce downtime for cathode replacement and improve productivity.


2. No need for helium gas can maintain the manufacturing quality until the end of the cathode’s lifetime at a low cost
No helium gas is needed to prevent scattering of powder. JEOL’s unique powder dispersal prevention system “e-Shield” avoids the scattering phenomenon. Thanks to the helium-free environment, not only can parts be manufactured in a clean space at a low cost but the surface of the cathode is also less susceptible to damage, allowing the electron beam to remain stable. As a result, the manufacturing quality can be maintained until the end of the cathode’s lifetime.


3. Automatic Electron Beam Adjustment Function realizes manufacturing of high quality and reproducibility
The technology developed in our electron microscope and electron beam lithography system for semiconductor manufacturing has enabled us to automatically adjust the focus and the distortion of the electron beam. Thus, both a high quality and high reproducibility in manufacturing are achieved.


4. Remote Monitoring System
You can check the status of manufacturing and system by our remote monitoring system for 24 hours, 365 days.


*1: A part that generates electrons
*2: as of March 25, 2021




Sales target
10 units


FOB Japan 180,000,000 yen/unit


3-1-2, Musashino, Akishima, Tokyo, 196-8558, Japan
Izumi Oi, President & COO
(Stock code: 6951, Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section)