JustWravel Wins the Best Enterprise Award – Travel and Tourism, 2021

Business Wire India
MSME India business awards recognised JustWravel Pvt. Ltd. as the best travel and tourism organisation in India. While accepting the award, Shubhangi Pandey, the co-founder and Vice President, gives credit for the award to the community of travelers who have made it possible for the company to be able to serve them with utmost loyalty.
A Noida based organization founded in 2015, JustWravel has gained recognition in the past by Startup India, as well as the esteemed travel organization Trip advisor when it was granted the Traveler’s choice award in 2020. Along with 4.8 stellar rating on Google reviews, JustWravel has also been certified by the Adventure Tour Operators Association of India and is an allied member of the association.
The company takes pride in being a strong community of more than 30,000 travelers and has organized more than 3000 trips PAN India including Ladakh, Spiti, Northeast as well as Northern parts in India.
What makes JustWravel different from other travel and tourism companies is that while most companies tend to focus on exploring exotic locations outside of the country, JustWravel has carved the path for travelers to find a way back to their roots by promoting domestic trips to offbeat destinations.
By doing so, the company gains the ability to give back to the community by promoting small businesses and supporting the local vendors who have been with them on this journey from the very beginning and continue to help them flourish.
The aim is to make sure that the local communities share the socio-economic benefits as well as participate in the management of these trips, be it by giving their valuable consent, their resources or sharing their cultural knowledge in order to preserve centuries old traditions and practices.
While on a journey, the experienced and informed trip leads encourage the travelers to try out the local cuisine as well as explore the handicrafts market. This helps because the travelers get to sample home made ingredients as well support authentic craftsmen which helps the local economy to grow.
From Fixed Departures, Road Trips and Treks, JustWravel’s aim has always been to provide a platform for youngsters to indulge in safe and secure travel. The travel community especially encourages female solo travelers to re-discover themselves by taking them on all girls trips to dream destinations like Spiti and Ladakh to create a sense of community where women can find inspiration from the experiences of their fellow female counterparts who lead these trips as captains.  
In order to support ecotourism, JustWravel runs campaigns including plantation drives to spread environmental awareness and promote sustainability. The certified trip leads conduct brief sessions before every trip where they share necessary information as well as key responsibilities of being a tourist that includes being respectful to the local communities, waste management, and taking care of heritage places. All of this establishes a level of trust between all people involved and makes the travel experience better.
The company completed five successful years in November 2021.
When asked the secret behind the success of his company, the CEO, Rohan Verma shared that building trust is what all organizations should focus more on.
“Hard work and skills will take you far but only as long as you’re able to build a reliable community that makes people have faith in you as well as the work that you do. The reason why so many travelers, no matter what gender, age, societal status, whether they’ve a companion or not constantly travel with us is because we have always focused on making sure that whoever is traveling with us, is treated with respect and that even if they came alone, they don’t feel like that once their journey comes to an end. There are many people who found friends and even lifelong partners in strangers they met while on a trip and that makes all the difference in the world to us.”
The company uses its strong social media presence to run campaigns that aim on bridging the gap between the tourists and the rich, diverse culture associated with their beloved destination via the art of storytelling.
In order to make it easier for the travelers to make their parents, partners and peers understand their passion, they have reached out to real people to share their stories of breaking the stereotypes associated with traveling.
JustWravel aims to make smooth travel a reality for people who have always had a passion for exploring new places.