Kent RO Salutes the Real Heroes

Business Wire India
Kent RO, India’s most trusted water purifier brand, acknowledges the hard work of the front-line corona warriors. It has released a video on the occasion of Independence Day with a message to honour the corona warriors – The Real Heroes. 
The video beautifully depicts and reminds us of the consistent effort put in by the front-line workers. Their contribution is immense and incomparable which is the underlying message of the video. We must wholeheartedly thank them as they are selflessly putting themselves at risk to keep the situation under control; to keep us safe.
Kent RO has immense respect for the corona warriors and can relate to the effort that goes in to keep the people safe. The brand’s journey over the years has been to keep up with the house of purity image and has left no stone unturned to offer its customers safe and reliable products, ensuring their health and well-being. 
Without corona warriors, it would have been impossible for us to sit safely in our houses and resume our work. It is owing to their effort that we are coping with this pandemic. It is our duty to co-operate and take preventive measures and keep social distancing as our priority. Salute to the real heroes- the Corona warriors. Jai Hind!
Video is available on Kent RO Systems YouTube channel. Video link