Kissflow Partners with The Digital Workplace for a First-of-Its-Kind Tweetathon on Digital Workplace Day

Business Wire India
Following a worldwide push towards digital work over the past year, over 95 percent of organizations agree that a digital workplace is important to them, but only 38 percent of them have implemented it. To help improve employee experience, increase productivity, and embrace popular remote work trends, implementing a digital workplace as part of the digital transformation strategy has become more important than ever for businesses around the world.
As the creator of one of the world’s first digital work platforms, Kissflow has partnered with The Digital Workplace Alliance for a first-of-its-kind Tweetathon on Digital Workplace Day, on 6th October 2020. The Tweetathon is billed to be the biggest conversation ever about the digital workplace and has an enviable panel of industry thought leaders participating from around the globe.
Suresh Sambandan, CEO of Kissflow, will participate in the discussion around the new work nucleus and on collaborative work management during the session titled “Journey to the center of the digital workplace” in the virtual event. His co-panelists will be Vikram Karthik, Head – Digital Transformation at Mahindra Farm Digital Center and Gaurang Sinha, Director of Go-to Market at Flock. 
Speaking about the partnership, Suresh says, “To elevate your organization towards a Level 5 digital workplace is the primary concern for various companies across the globe as they adjust to the post-pandemic world. Kissflow is all geared up for the Tweetathon to share some exciting insights in the 24-hour-long conversation on technology, collaboration, productivity, leadership, and culture to help leaders guide their companies to a better future and move towards digital workplace transformation.”
Neil Miller, host of The Digital Workplace, says, “Having Kissflow as a key partner in this event makes a lot of sense, especially since they are leading the conversation around the digital workplace with many reputed analyst firms such as Gartner.”
Kissflow Digital Workplace is a single unified platform to streamline processes, projects, tasks, cases, and work communication. It lets businesses connect all disparate workplace solutions and makes it easier for employees to access all work data and applications on a user-friendly interface. Kissflow Digital Workplace also,

  • Allows employees to work from any location and any device they want
  • Automates mundane processes and tasks to free up time and make employees more productive
  • Streamlines communication so employees don’t get overwhelmed by constant messages from coworkers
  • Manages project, tasks, and file storage to make it easier to find any work-related data quickly
  • Helps employees work efficiently instead of being bogged down by complicated interfaces.