LoanTap Announces Partnership with Arka Fincap Ltd. and MAS Financial Services for New Digital Lending Models

Business Wire IndiaA leading fintech digital lending platform, LoanTap aims to close Financial Year 2022 with a bang as they announce business collaborations with Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) – Arka Fincap Ltd. (Arka). Additionally, LoanTap has also partnered with RBI registered NBFC, MAS Financial Services Ltd. (MAS) in a co-lending model for the salaried and MSME segment.

The collaboration will allow LoanTap to utilize its technology and quick processes to tap into a larger customer base and enable loan disbursals through these partnerships.

* Ashish Jain, CFO said:
“LoanTap has been a frontrunner in achieving 100% digital inclusion in India since inception and has been actively taking initiatives to realise the same. These collaborations are testaments to its mission as these partnerships will allow LoanTap to reach out to a larger customer base and help these customers get access to LoanTap’s versatile financial products and services. With these announcements, LoanTap will have six Co-lending partnerships along with its own NBFC platform. LoanTap also caters to loans for millennials and young working professionals and has recently launched the Limitless Credit Card.”

*Gautam Sinha, Senior VP Technology said:
“LoanTap’s technology platform ‘LT-Flow’ enables lenders to source, share risk (co-lend), underwrite, plug-in capital, and manage loans. With the help of LT FLoW, entities can easily start digital KYC, NACH, and agreement, along with AI powered credit decisioning, thus seamlessly operate end to end digital lending. These collaborations are the step forward in that direction, wherein we are aiming at financial inclusion.”