Magnett – Giving Reality Check to All Other Dating Apps

Business Wire India
Talk about dating apps and what runs through anyone’s mind are thousands of run-of-the-mill apps based on same formulaic concept of left and right swipe. Text, color and images being the only distinction. Many of them even have the same users.
Magnett™ is set to change it all as it brings the real, old school dating back in fashion. See people; talk to them and take it from there. It acts as a wingman to help users break the ice with the people physically and visually around them in a hyper local (100 mts) radius, all this without compromising their privacy.
Sounds too good to be true? Well it’s true!
How does Magnett™ work?
It uses location to show a user other users around them on a Radar screen as per their preferences. It collects and divulges details enough only to visually identify users. So, if a user’s eyes met with a stranger’s, they both smiled and felt the other user might like them but are not sure? Pull out the phone, open Magnett’s Radar screen, locate them and find out. Never miss a potential connection ever again.
How is Magnett different?
No fear, no stigma
Magnett™ does away with the awkwardness and apprehensions of approaching someone. 
You like someone around on the MagnettRadar, just send a vibe. If they are interested, they will accept the vibe, if not they won’t. No embarrassment, no social stigma, no fear of rejection. That’s the magic of Magnett™.
Privacy first
Unlike other apps, Magnett does not collect or give out personal details other than required to visually identify a user. It prevents stalkers from invading any user’s personal space. Also, it makes the whole ‘make the first move’ process safe and confidential.
No fake stuff
With Magnett™ a user can see people for what they are, because it is all visual. No photoshopped pictures, fake profiles or scammers. What you see is what you get! literally.
Mutual consent
Unlike a lot of other apps, Magnett™ doesn’t flood users with unsolicited requests. You can be invisible yet see other users. And if a person sees someone they like, he/she can send them a vibe.

Right here, right now
With swiping apps, a user matches and then wait to date forever or just become pen-pals, or even worse, they abruptly get unmatched. However, with Magnett™, two people match because they have already seen each other, and date is what follows almost instantly. It’s a ‘no wait to date’ scenario.
Any situation, anywhere
Magnett™ works on a ‘face to face’ basis, hence, it is naturally a more effective way to connect. Be it a pub, cafe, club, airport, office, train, street, park, mall, college, bus stop, or even a stadium. It can work pretty much anywhere to connect a user with someone they like, someone real!
For Everyone
The app use isn’t confined only to those seeking romantic relationships. A unique feature of this app is to send compliments to folks around. So, if someone is a fashionista and takes pride in their dressing and style, compliments are fuel for them and Magnett™ will ensure that they never run out of it. People around them can compliment them for almost anything they like about the user, be it the outer appearance or the inner beauty.
The creators of this app, New York/ Gurgaon based Enterchange Innovations PVT LTD call it ‘the Human connection app’ as it solves the prevalent problem of scammers, privacy concerns, and fake profiles. Based on feedback from volumes of dating apps users, who were either scammed, stood up, or deceived by photoshopped pictures, Enterchange Innovations Pvt Ltd decided to put an end to these problems and that’s how the idea of Magnett™ app was conceived. Additionally, in conservative societies it will be a boon for LGBT community as it empowers users to approach and connect with like-minded individuals without compromising their safety or worrying about being judged.
‘Enterchange Innovations is proud to present this innovation from India to the world,’ says Shatrughan Naruka – Director, ECI. It’s been heartening to see the delightful responses from the app tester communities.
Magnett™ is also thrilled to collaborate with Love Matters India since both have the same wind beneath their wings: consent, safety and inclusion.
The Magnett app is now available for free download on Apple Appstore and Google Playstore.