Moody’s Enhances Flagship Moody’s CreditView Platform With ESG Expertise

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Moody’s announced today that it has enhanced Moody’s CreditView, its leading research, data and analytics platform serving credit market professionals, with a wide range of environmental, social and governance (ESG) and climate analysis. The expansion of Moody’s CreditView is part of Moody’s broader effort to deliver a comprehensive, integrated suite of ESG solutions to the market and addresses user feedback that extra-financial information and analysis are becoming increasingly important for assessing an issuer’s risk profile.


Moody’s CreditView users can now access resources from Moody’s affiliates Vigeo Eiris (VE), a global leader in ESG data and tools, and Four Twenty Seven, a pioneer in climate-risk assessments. Featured VE content includes corporate and sovereign sustainability reports as well as ESG scores and sector reports. Users can also access Four Twenty Seven’s physical climate risk scores for corporates and US municipalities.


“The enhancements to Moody’s CreditView are part of our commitment to provide market participants with meaningful performance measurements and insights that help advance strategic resilience, responsible capitalism, and the greening of the economy,” said Andrea Blackman, Moody’s Global Head of ESG Solutions.


Moody’s CreditView continues to feature Moody’s Investors Service (MIS) credit ratings and analysis, which systematically integrate material ESG considerations, and MIS research and tools such as Credit Opinions, Environmental and Social Sector Risk Heat Maps, Corporate Governance Assessments, and Carbon Transition Assessments that provide increased transparency of how ESG and climate considerations impact credit.


“The expansion of Moody’s CreditView provides a wealth of ESG and climate resources in a single convenient solution to help customers make better decisions,” said Gus Harris, Executive Director at Moody’s Analytics (MA). “We will continue to enhance the Moody’s CreditView platform by actively expanding our ESG resources and coverage.”




Moody’s ESG Solutions Group is a business unit of Moody’s Corporation serving the growing global demand for ESG and climate insights. The group leverages Moody’s data and expertise across ESG, climate risk, and sustainable finance, and aligns with Moody’s Investors Service (MIS) and Moody’s Analytics (MA) to deliver a comprehensive, integrated suite of ESG and climate risk solutions including ESG scores, analytics, Sustainability Ratings and Sustainable Finance Reviewer/certifier services.


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