New Website to Communicate Our Craftsmanship – Yamaha Motor

Business Wire India

The new Yamaha Motor Craftsmanship website has been launched to show the world the finely honed techniques, eyes, hands and minds of the masters at work in Yamaha Motor’s manufacturing and production factories. The website introduces several areas where the “illogical yet invaluable” extra steps our craftsmen take help ensure we deliver the best product possible to our customers.




“Our Monozukuri worksites are based on the idea of pursuing production methods rooted in logic,” explains a chief manager at one of Yamaha’s motorcycle factories. “But at the same time—and this may seem contradictory—we have a valued tradition of taking illogical extra steps to give our products added value unique to Yamaha. In other words, these extra steps are what express the craftsmanship found at production and manufacturing sites across the Yamaha Motor group.”


What exactly are these “illogical yet invaluable” extra steps? One example is the atelier for hand-spraying paint in a paint shop where tasks are increasingly done automatically by robots. Others include the buffing process used to create the beautiful hairline finish on aluminum fuel tanks, the cell manufacturing area where a single craftsman assembles an entire engine, and the innovative measurement method devised for ensuring higher dimensional precision with casting molds. It is these extra touches in each stage of the production process that build in the pride and special sense of every specialist into our products.


Further, we value our workplace culture that blends tradition with innovation, and see that our hard-won skills and proven technologies are handed down to the next generation. We revel in the challenge to create ever more beautiful and higher quality products as well as relish the search for real improvements and greater advances, as part of our unwavering dedication to our craftsmanship. Because delivering the best product possible to customers is at the heart of everything we do.