Reasons to Include Bajaj Finance FD in One’s Investment Portfolio

Business Wire IndiaWhether one prefers equity, mutual fund, or debt-based securities, Fixed Deposit has always been a great way to hedge one’s risk. From the recent developments over the past year, markets have shown incredible volatility, which is why having some semblance of security is a financially smart decision.
Investing in a Bajaj Finance FD is all the more important during these times, and here are some reasons why.
Assured Returns
Fixed Deposit can help one build sizeable savings, regardless of the stage, in which one starts investing. The best benefit that Bajaj Finance online FD offers, is the assurance of guaranteed returns. Investors below the age of 60 can earn interest rates up to 6.60%, with a special rate benefit of 0.10% on investing online. The exact returns on investments can be computed with Bajaj Finance FD Calculator, where the returns can be computed, even before investing.

That’s not all, investors can earn more returns by staying invested for longer. Also, if they choose payout at maturity, the interest amount will be higher. Bajaj Finance online FD is also an excellent option for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), Person of Indian Origin (PIO), and Overseas Citizen of India (OCI).
Special benefits to senior citizens
With age, the risk-taking capacity decreases significantly. After having worked a lifetime, it is a smart idea to invest in a fixed deposit that will not only provide a haven for hard-earned savings but allow them to grow. Bajaj Finance online FD offers special rate benefits with FD interest rates up to 6.85% to senior citizens. With the attractive option of periodic payments, investors can be prepared for any sudden expenditure. There is no need to be dependent on anyone when one has a fixed deposit in the portfolio.
Safe and secure investment
Bajaj Finance online FD is one of the best options on the market that is safe, secure, and carries incredibly low risk. Backed by CRISIL – FAAA/Stable and ICRA – MAAA (stable), this investment tool helps balance out one’s portfolio, if there is any volatility in the markets.
Ease of investment
Fixed Deposit allows flexible investment options. Bajaj Finance online FD offers a Systematic Deposit Plan (SDP) – a monthly investment plan where the investor can deposit a pre-decided amount in a structured manner. For those who do not have the sum to invest but want to start saving up, then SDP is your best bet. The tenure of the plan ranges from 12-60 months. One can also choose from 6-48 monthly investments. 
Hassle-free application process
To invest in an FD with Bajaj Finance Limited, all one needs is a minimum of Rs. 25,000 to start. Even with a smaller amount of just Rs. 5,000, one can start an SDP with the company. Anyone can open Bajaj Finance online FD. The application process is simple, hassle-free and quick. Since it is an end-to-end digital process, one can easily monitor and track their investments with the company, online.
Loan Against Fixed Deposit
Life can throw any emergency, and it pays to be prepared. With a Bajaj Finance online FD, investors can avail of a loan, by using it as collateral. The amount of loan sanctioned will be 75% of the Fixed Deposit amount. However, suppose one is urgently in need of funds. In that case, one can even withdraw their investment prematurely after the lock-in period of three months.
With standout features like hassle-free application process, convenience and flexibility with a wide range of investment options to choose from, Bajaj Finance online FD is a must-have in an investment portfolio. Investors can use the Fixed Deposit Calculator to figure out the optimal tenure and sum to invest and to calculate the amount to be received on maturity.