Secure Top FD Interest Rates With Bajaj Finance FD: Lock in Now

Business Wire IndiaAmid significant market volatility and times of uncertain economic outlook, the fixed deposit stands out as a must-have instrument, vital to the good performance of every investment portfolio. The worrying factor for FD investors, however, is that in the recent past, the RBI’s repo rate has been on a downward trend. The ripple effect of a slashed repo rate normally surfaces in the form of reduced FD rates. Currently the repo rate stands at 4% and as per predictions, investors could be looking at a repo rate as low as 3.5% or even 3% in FY 2021.
With instruments like the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit still offering generous FD rates of up to 6.85%, it makes sense to lock-in at the current rate and enjoy impressive returns for a long tenure. What’s more, investors can set up an online FD, from the comfort of their home in no time at all, to earn at the current rate conveniently and without hassles.

Here’s more on locking-into the current fixed deposit rates with a Bajaj Finance FD.

Grow wealth at up to 6.85%

Bajaj Finance offers FD interest rates of up to 6.85% to senior citizens and up to 6.70% to individuals under the age of 60 for FDs taken with payouts at maturity. Investors below the age of 60 can earn an additional 0.10% on FD interest rates of 6.60% when they invest in an online FD.

Here is a table generated with the FD interest calculator that indicates how much one can earn if they secure the current rates.

Type of FD Investment amount Interest rate Tenure Maturity amount Growth of investment
Senior citizen (offline/ online) Rs.1,00,000 6.85% 60 months Rs.1,39,275 39.28%
Non-senior citizen (online) Rs.1,00,000 6.70% 60 months Rs.1,38,300 38.30%
Non-senior citizen (offline) Rs.1,00,000 6.60% 60 months Rs.1,37,653 37.65%

For investors opting for periodic interest payouts, the FD rates are marginally lower. For instance, one will be able to see that on the FD calculator, monthly interest is earned at 6.64% as opposed to interest rates of 6.85% that one can receive on payouts received at maturity, or on an annual basis.
Earn securely to achieve all goals

Building wealth for one’s goals is convenient with a Bajaj Finance FD for multiple reasons:

  1. Investors take on little to no risk: This company FD enjoys the CRISIL FAAA and ICRA MAAA ratings, both indicating that it is a stable and credible instrument.
  2. Investors can invest flexibly: With a tenure of 12 to 60 months investors can align their payouts according to their requirement or goals.
  3. Investors can opt for FD auto-renewal: Here, investors not only save the hassle of filling up fresh forms but can invest for more long-term goals.

Start small and get the current rates with an SDP

Through a Systematic Deposit Plan (SDP) investors can save with contributions of Rs. 5,000 or more, every month. Each contribution goes towards a new FD, which earns interest at the rate prevailing on the date of deposit. So, if one foresees FD rates going up, would prefer to earn at current rates, and want to invest in small amounts, this route could lead to a win-win situation. Investors can opt for either a monthly maturity scheme, to get payouts as each FD matures, or for a single maturity scheme to get payouts on a single day, by adjusting the tenure of each FD.

Invest from the comfort of home

Opening a Bajaj Finance FD entails a completely hassle-free process and in fact, investors do not need to ever visit a branch. They can invest through a 100% online process and enjoy convenience of investing from home. In fact, individuals below 60 years of age can also reap the benefit of an additional 0.10% rate benefit on their deposit. To get started and join a brand trusted by more than 2.35 lakh FD customers, book a Bajaj Finance online FD today.