Seoul Viosys’ Violeds Technology Proves 99% Disinfection of COVID-19 Delta Variant in a Second to Support Airborne Viruses Prevention

Business Wire India

Seoul Viosys (KOSDAQ: 092190), the leading global compound semiconductor device provider and subsidiary of Seoul Semiconductor, announced it has confirmed that the highly infectious COVID-19 delta variant (SARS-CoV-2:B.1.617.2) was disinfected (inactivated) by 99.3% in one second according to a surface disinfection experiment using Violeds technology conducted by the Korea University research team in July 2021. In the air disinfection experiment using Violeds technology conducted in Seoul Viosys’ laboratory (60㎥), the virus was reduced by 90% in 10 minutes.


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Seoul Viosys’ laboratory and configuration diagram of air disinfection experiment * Components for disinfection test: Violeds module, power supply, fan, pipe (Graphic: Business Wire)

In a disinfection experiment conducted by a research team at Korea University last year, Seoul Viosys confirmed that Violeds disinfects 99.9% of the COVID-19 virus in 30 seconds. In addition, in the air disinfection experiment of Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL), the research result showed that Violeds disinfects a space of 60㎥ by 99% in 30 minutes.


“Violeds technology is innovative in that it can be easily installed in various multi-use facilities as well as in poorly ventilated underground spaces, and it can minimize the spread of viruses through the air. I hope that the government and home appliance companies will actively use this technology to prevent the spread of infection, and also that local governments will take an active role in alleviating the suffering of the self-employed as soon as possible,” said Chung-hoon Lee, CEO of Seoul Semiconductor and founder of Seoul Viosys.


Violeds technology, which can be installed not only in air purifiers and air conditioners but also in ducts (air conditioning systems) of buildings, is expected to play a major role in creating a pleasant working environment for office spaces or public buildings.


“The surface contaminated by the COVID-19 virus is relatively easy to disinfect quickly because the virus stays still, but airborne viruses in the air are very contagious as they are difficult to disinfect in indoor spaces in a short period of time. We have repeatedly conducted numerous studies and experiments with advisory professors, and have secured a way to disinfect more than 90% of the COVID-19 delta variant in 10 minutes by simply installing Violeds in a ventilator at a cost of less than $0.1 per day,” said an official of Seoul Viosys.


About Seoul Viosys


Seoul Viosys is a full-line solution provider for UV LED, VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser), the next-generation light source for 3D sensor and laser, and a single-pixel RGB “Micro Clean Pixel” for displays. Established in 2002 as a subsidiary of Seoul Semiconductor, it captured the No. 1 market share in the UV LED industry (LEDinside, 2020). Seoul Viosys has an extensive UV LED portfolio with all wavelengths range (200nm to 1600nm) including ultraviolet rays (UV), visible rays and infrared rays. It holds more than 4,000 patents related to UV LED technology. Violeds, its flagship UV LED technology, provides a wide range of industries with optimal solutions for strong sterilization and disinfection (UVC), skin regeneration (UVB), water/air purification and effective cultivation for horticulture. In 2018, Seoul Viosys acquired RayCan, a leading optoelectronic specialist, to add the advanced VCSEL technology which supports smartphone facial recognition and autonomous driving, and has started its mass production. In January 2020, it introduced a disruptive “Micro Clean Pixel” that has the potential to be a game-changer in the display market. To learn more, visit


What is Violeds?


For 20 years since 2002, venture companies in three countries, including Seoul Viosys, Nitride Semiconductors of Japan, and SETi of the United States, have been concentrating on R&D of UV LED, and Violeds, the fruit of the years of efforts. It is a technology that provides an optimal disinfection solution tailored to the wavelength, distance, angle, time and amount of energy according to the type of bacteria and virus. Violeds technology is subject to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).


Safety of Seoul Viosys’ Violeds


1. Precise design to completely block UV exposure
2. Self-developed UV light detection sensor to detect operation status if it’s normal and UV leak
3. Perfect control of the daily exposure limit (3.1mJ/㎠) in compliance with the international safety standards
4. Light-only-disinfection without using harmful chemicals to eliminate user damage


Correlation between COVID-19 virus and Phi-X174 virus


The bacteriophage Phi-X174 (E.Coil phage Phi-X174) virus used in the Seoul Viosys’ air disinfection experiment has been found to have relatively similar disinfection (inactivation) UV dosage to the COVID-19 virus in the related research literature, and is non-pathogenic to humans. This virus is being used for airborne virus testing at domestic and foreign accredited testing institutes such as Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL), the Consumer Electronics Research Institute in China, and Aerosol Research and Engineering Laboratories (ARE Labs) in the U.S.