Skin Inc, Custom Skin-Tech Leader, Announces Pre-Series A Funding with Mistletoe 

Business Wire India

Skin Inc Supplement Bar, the pioneer in premium custom skin-tech products and devices, announces today a new round of investment from Singapore-based Mistletoe.


Mistletoe is owned by tech guru, Taizo Son. Mistletoe’s mission is to recreate a sustainable human-centric future using technology and provide beneficial investment opportunities to create a collective community with big impact. Founded by Sabrina Tan, Skin Inc celebrates the uniqueness that makes you ‘you’ via a one-size-fits-me approach blending technology, data and skincare.


Skin Inc Supplement Bar’s latest round of funding brings the total funding to date from Mistletoe to S$10M (est. US$7M). Skin Inc will use the new funding to continue reinventing the wellness and beauty industry with:


  • Skin Inc Cloud Data & AI Infrastructure: Skin Inc will set up data infrastructure to increase its speed to market for customized products. The Skin ID Check is a proprietary science-based application to address the specific skin needs of each person. Product Innovation: The Skin ID check and other internal data sources, have provided valuable live data on what consumers need, allowing the company to launch award-winning customized technology such as Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++(™)
  • Global Expansion: Continue to expand ecommerce offering and omnichannel distribution worldwide
  • Marketing: Continue to use data to sharpen the customer experience and expand personalized marketing initiatives worldwide

Atsushi Taira commented, “Skin Inc has been creatively thriving in this direction since its inception and we find that Sabrina is a like-minded founder to work together to achieve our goals.”


“The funds will be utilized for Skin Inc Cloud (Big Data, AI), e-commerce and omni-channel global expansion. It will also fuel the tech-led innovation that will set us apart and propel the beauty & wellness industry forward,” says Sabrina Tan, Founder & CEO of Skin Inc.


In addition to the funding, Skin Inc is pleased to announce the appointment of William Gaultier, as Global Chief Commercial Officer. William will be driving all global sales and marketing activities for the company. William brings more than 29 years in sales and marketing experience. Most recently, William led the ecommerce P&L and entire marketing organization at Sephora in eight markets.


About Skin Inc:


Skin Inc is the trusted global leader in custom and data-driven skincare that has been harnessing the use of data and encapsulation technology for over a decade to develop customized skincare products as well as devices. Founder & CEO Sabrina Tan launched the brand in 2008 after leading roles at Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and EMC. A pioneer in the customized skincare category, Skin Inc customized products was also the first to bring a multi-LED light at-home device to consumers with the launch of the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light in 2018. Skin Inc is now present in over 178 cities with over 200 distribution outlets, including Sephora, Nordstrom, and Bergdorf Goodman.


About Mistletoe:


As a Collective Impact Community, our mission is to re-create a sustainable human-centered future using technology. Our community is made up of those who lead the forefront of the global startup movement including entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and visionaries. Our core testament is the concept “ORCHESTRATION”. Just as an orchestra needs an ensemble to produce a wonderful symphony, we believe that an environment where various talents can gather is vital for new discoveries to occur. We believe that such an environment will enable us to solve social challenges that were otherwise impossible with just a single company,creating many impactful movements around the globe.