Technology Innovation Institute Appoints Global Cryptography Leaders as its Board of Advisors at Cryptography Research Centre

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Technology Innovation Institute (TII), the applied research pillar of Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), today announced the formation of a board of advisors at Cryptography Research Centre (CRC). The new board of advisors comprises global experts in the field of cryptography.


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Dr. Najwa Aaraj, Chief Researcher at Cryptography Research Centre (Photo: AETOSWire)

The appointments follow a series of rapid announcements at Technology Innovation Institute since the first Advanced Technology Research Council board meeting in August 2020.


CRC is one of the initial seven dedicated centres at TII and it is also one of the few global centres bringing together theoretical and applied cryptographers in a research-oriented setting. The cryptographers collaborate on breakthrough research projects that lead to innovative outcomes in cryptography. Spanning fields from post quantum cryptography (PQC), lightweight cryptography, cryptanalysis, cryptographic protocols, hardware-based cryptography, confidential computing, amongst others, the distinguished board of advisors will guide efforts to develop breakthrough technologies for global impact, reinforcing the UAE’s position as a global hub for innovation and R&D.


The Board of Advisors includes: Prof Joan Daemen, Professor of Symmetric Cryptography at Radboud University in The Netherlands, who co-designed the Rijndael cipher that was selected as the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and is also one of the co-designers of the Keccak (SHA-3) cryptographic algorithm; Prof Lejla Batina, Professor of Hardware Cryptography at Radboud University, whose expertise is in applied cryptography and embedded systems security; Dr Guido Bertoni, CEO of Security Pattern, Italy, whose research areas include cryptographic algorithms, hardware-based cryptography, applied cryptography and embedded systems security. He is also a co-designer of the Keccak (SHA-3) cryptographic algorithm. Prof. Carlos Aguilar, Professor of ISAE SUPAERO in Toulouse University, France, a post quantum cryptographer and expert in secure cryptographic implementations and computational theory; Prof. Damien Stehlé, Professor in Computer Science at École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France, whose focus areas are post quantum cryptography, computational theory and complex algebra; and Prof. Tim Güneysu, Professor of Security Engineering at Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany, who is an expert in secure hardware implementations, cloud cryptographic schemes and secure engineering.


CRC currently employs and collaborates with scientists in multiple crucial fields of cryptography. The experts are engaged in the full spectrum of fundamental and applied cryptography and cryptanalysis research.


Speaking on the board appointments, Dr Najwa Aaraj, Chief Researcher at CRC, said: “The success of any scientific and research-focused entity is led by its board of advisors as they support in setting the vision. By bringing together renowned experts, we are connecting global expertise in the field of cryptography.”


Dr Aaraj added: “Through the research undertaken at the Cryptography Research Centre, we are confident that Abu Dhabi and the UAE will pioneer breakthrough technologies that ensure even greater enhancements in high-priority cryptographic areas.”


TII is a pioneering global research and development centre that focuses on applied research and new-age technology capabilities. The Institute has seven initial dedicated research centres in quantum, autonomous robotics, cryptography, advanced materials, digital security, directed energy and secure systems. By working with exceptional talent, universities, research institutions and industry partners from all over the world, the Institute connects an intellectual community and contributes to building an R&D ecosystem in Abu Dhabi and the UAE. The Institute reinforces Abu Dhabi and the UAE’s status as a global hub for innovation and contributes to the broader development of the knowledge-based economy.


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