Toshiba Starts Sample Shipments of Pre-Driver IC for Automotive Brushless Motors Supporting Functional Safety

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Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has begun shipping test samples of “TB9083FTG,” a pre-driver IC for automotive applications that include brushless motors for electric power steering systems and electric brakes. Toshiba will ship final samples in January 2022, and will start mass production in December 2022.


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Toshiba: a pre-driver IC “TB9083FTG” for automotive applications including brushless motors for electric power steering systems and electric brakes. (Graphic: Business Wire)

TB9083FTG is a three-phase pre-driver that controls and drives external N-channel power MOSFETs for driving a three-phase brushless DC motor. It supports ASIL-D[1] functional safety[2] and its compliance with ISO 26262 2nd edition allows use in for highly safety-critical automotive systems.


The new IC has a built-in three-channel pre-driver for the safety relays that control and drive the relays for motors and power supply. This eliminates the need for external components and helps reduce the part count.


TB9083FTG is housed in a small P-VQFN48-0707-0.50-005 package (7.0mm x 7.0mm (typ.)) with a wettable flank[3] structure. As the need for redundant design imposes restrictions on electronic control unit board area, adoption of this small packages helps to reduce the total mounting area.


[1] ASIL (Automotive Safety Integrity Level) : The highest automotive safety level regulated in the ISO 26262 functional safety standards.
[2] Functional-safety-based standards seek to minimize risk resulting from system failures. ISO 26262 certification recognizes that a company’s processes or products for electrical and electronic (E/E) systems for car applications meet the stringent criteria specified in the standard and provides third parties with an independent means of assessing the capabilities of a potential supplier.
[3] Shape of side leads of packaging.




Automotive equipment
– Electric power steering, electric braking, various types of pump, etc.




– Supports functional safety
– Developed in compliant with ISO 26262 2nd edition
– Safety manual and safety analysis reports
– Built-in functional redundancy, ABIST[4], and LBIST[5]
– SPI[6] interface with CRC[7] checking
– Three-phase pre-driver
Control and drive of three-phase power MOSFET (Nch x 6pcs) are available
Chopping PWM frequency can be set up to 20kHz
– Built-in three channels pre-driver for safety relay
It can control / drive three relays for each phase of motor. Otherwise, one channel controls / drives three relays for motor collectively and another two channel control / drive relays for power supply.
– Built-in amplifier for motor current detection
For voltage amplification generated in 3-phase shunt resistor
6 types of gain setup are possible.
– Small package
Small surface mount wettable flank structure P-VQFN48-0707-0.50-005 package with E-pad[8]


[4] ABIST (Analog Built-In Self-Test)
[5] LBIST (Logic Built-In Self-Test)
[6] SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface)
[7] CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check)
[8] E-pad (Exposed pads) : Metal frame on back side of package


Main Specifications


Part number


Supported motors

Three-phase brushless DC motor

Main functions

SPI communication, current detection amplifier,


three channels pre-driver for safety relay, external MOSFET VGS clamping function

Self-diagnosis function


Error detections

Undervoltage detection, overvoltage detection,


external MOSFET VGS/VDS detection,


overtemperature detection

Operating voltage range

VB=4.5V to 28V


VCC=3.0V to 5.5V

External power supply

2 power supplies (VB, VCC)

Operating temperature

Ta=-40℃ to 150℃


Tj=-40℃ to 175℃




Size typ. (mm)

7.0 × 7.0


To be AEC-Q100 qualified

Final sample offering

January 2022

Mass production

December 2022

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