Trading Manoeuvres on Precipitous Gold in Forex Markets by RvR Ventures

Business Wire IndiaForex Market is an electrifying place. Once you venture into the Forex world, the adrenaline rush pushes you hard to trade greedily to earn myriad earning opportunities.

Talking about trading Spot Gold in Forex markets, Gold trading is not for beginners. We should not ignore that more than approximately 90% Forex retail traders lose money in the Forex world. However, a few traders & portfolio managers have outperformed and have challenged the convoluted and perplexing markets by performing extraordinarily well.

One such name that tops our mind is RvR Ventures, a team of coders, traders, and financial data analysts with 14 years in Forex & Bullion Trading. RvR Ventures is a master of all trades, from manual traders to automated trading robots, from algorithms to manual trading analysis, from automated trading signals to automated trade execution by robots – they have it all under one roof.

To cross-check the track record, we checked their trading performance and analysis of the last six months i.e., during pandemic times. The analysis was posted by RvR Ventures on 30 March 2020, stating: Gold Prices to rise to 2020 with their appealing quote ‘Gold: 2020 in 2020?’ with further trading scenarios and analysis published on 09 July, 07 August, 12 August, and 18 August 2020 respectively.

In the first week of August, Gold prices crossed the $2066.00 mark. On 07 August and 12 August 2020, RvR Ventures declared the price correction in Gold and published the target levels for sell orders as ($) 2020/1990 with a target price of ($) 1926/1910/1888-1866 and Buy orders at ($) 1866/1888/1926/1910, and Gold did crash till 1866 level on 12 August 2020, and from there it reversed back and rose till the level of $2010.00. The algorithms’ core support and resistance levels were ($)2070-2020-2000-1981-1966-1947-1888/1866-1777-1736-1666-1624-1555, and the same levels can be verified on the chart of XAUUSD and under the existing open and closed trading positions of RvR Ventures.

In the first set of trades, the traders at RvR Ventures opened Buy positions in Spot Gold at $1555 on 23 March, 2020 with target price of 1777 achieved on 06 July 2020, followed by buy positions at 1866/1888 price level on 22 July 2020 and booked profit at $2000.00 price on 04 August 2020. In another set of trades in buy, direction opened on 12 August 2020, from $1868 levels till $2000 level in the second phase of price rise during 12.08.2020-18.08.2020, followed by the trades in sell direction from $2007-$2000 levels. As per the trading signals of their algorithm, in the third set of trades, they honoured the crash from $2000 level to $1990, $1947, $1926, and $1910 stations respectively, In the fourth set, the buy positions were opened on 04 September and 09 September 2020 at $1910 and $1926 levels with a target price of $1947.00. Surprisingly, Gold prices touched the level of $1947 more than 150 times in the last 30 days, and $1947 was declared as the reversal price level in buy and sell both directions by RvR Ventures in advance.

In total, RvR Ventures multiplied their profits by trading Spot Gold (XAUUSD) in buy and sell – both directions on the total movement of more than 75,000 pips in the last six months. Yes, you can check their portfolios to verify the fact by contacting them or requesting an investor password.

“Gold: 2020 in 2020”- speaking of the science behind RvR Ventures’ unique trading methodology and high trading accuracy, Mr. Kevin Albuquerque at RvR Ventures shared a few of his Golden Trading & Analysing Tips to trade Spot Gold on Forex Markets.

“Be on the constant lookout for anomalies. When you see something odd, investigate and find the reason behind it and check if anything similar happened previously – if yes, check what happened next. Gold has a huge daily range presently. A price movement of 700-900 pips are not rare in few minutes and the average “small” day news event-based movement ranges from 1500 pips to 2000 pips.”

The uncertainty, worldwide economic slowdown due to pandemic, geopolitical tensions, supply, demand, and investor behaviour are currently the key fundamental drivers of gold prices. Gold prices typically rise at times of uncertainty as it is considered as the safe haven by investors across the globe.

He further added, “Gold Respects S/R EXTREMELY well, Gold can be traded accurately and consistently from this aspect. Pivots, manually placed horizontal s/r and trend lines, and Fibs are very well respected.”

Mentioning the importance of analysing ratios, he mentions, “Analyse ratios, of course, not just any ratios – the proportions that have proven to provide important signals for Gold, like the gold stocks to gold ratio or Gold to silver ratio – they both have a history of leading Gold and are essential due to fundamental factors. Gold vs. bonds ratio – both can be seen as safe-haven assets and major bottoms and tops in this ratio take place along with significant tops and bottoms in Gold, so it can be used as a confirmation.”

Quite recently, RvR Ventures also launched their Forex Trading Program for the candidates who qualify for the same after passing the entrance test conducted by RvR Ventures. Under this training program, RvR Ventures offers extensive technical, analytical, & fundamentals-based real-time training and trading sessions on Real ECN accounts by implementing more than 5000 trades in 1000 trading hours. Besides, they also offer students the option to experience and learn from the RvR Trading Algorithms’ trading strategy & signals implemented by automated trading robots in real-time on live ECN trading terminals.

“One should trade very carefully by analyzing technical levels, fundamentals and establishing financial market co-relations in the right direction & balance since the volatility is outrageous and the chance of errors is quite high since past data doesn’t guarantee current or future trends,” concluded Kevin, Chief Trading Officer at RvR Ventures.