WazirX 3.0 Unveiled: Faster, Better Trading Experience

Business Wire India
WazirX, one of India’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges by volume, has launched one of its highly anticipated new user interfaces as a part of WazirX 3.0. This major update brings a host of innovative features designed to enhance the trading experience by making it faster, more reliable, and highly informative.
With expectations of a bull market, addressing growing user excitement and increased trading activity was crucial. WazirX 3.0 is designed with traders in mind, offering essential features to meet the rising demand for Web3 services. It streamlines trading and provides valuable and comprehensive insights, focusing on delivering clear and useful information.
Here are some key aspects of one of the new features of WazirX 3.0:

Order Book Beside Trading Terminal: Traders can now place orders and visualize their open orders seamlessly. The order book is conveniently positioned beside the trading terminal, ensuring that users remain in the action without missing a beat.
Open Orders: Traders can now view their open orders right below the trade terminal, eliminating the need to navigate to other pages. This improvement keeps vital information readily accessible and enhances the efficiency of order management.
Funds Display: Market-related funds are now prominently visible. For instance, in the BTC/INR market, users can view their total INR balance and total BTC holdings and detailed information such as the average buy price and profit and loss (P&L) for that asset.
Market Switcher: Switching markets has never been easier. Users no longer need to navigate back to the full list of markets. Simply tap on the market name (e.g., BTC/INR) at the top left, and a quick popup menu will appear, showing three lists:

  • Recently Visited Markets
  • Favorites
  • Base Currency (e.g., BTC/USDT, BTC/WRX)

Read more here:  https://wazirx.com/blog/wazirx-3-0-launch-for-faster-better-trading-experience/
You can find the video on the update here: https://x.com/WazirXIndia/status/1808096905735688229

Rajagopal Menon, VP – WazirX, commented: “We are excited to introduce WazirX 3.0 to our users, which not only meets the high standards of our traders but also sets a new benchmark in the industry. WazirX 3.0 is a significant leap forward in enabling the Web3 experience for our users. We believe these enhancements will empower our users to become friendly with Web3 and continue their trading activities with greater confidence and precision.”
This is the first of several exciting new Web3-friendly in-app features and integrations that WazirX will launch in the coming months.