Why Virtual Reality Training Matters? And, Helping CEOs Sleep Better!

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What keeps most CEOs awake at night?
You’re absolutely right! It is the possibility of workforce fatalities or injuries and unplanned expensive downtime in their factories. Both scenarios significantly impact sustainable and profitable operations, particularly in this COVID-19 era. Human error has been the greatest cause of such incidents and leaders accept that well trained and motivated workers are crucial to success. However, accomplishing both goals has neither been easy nor faster for CEOs, until now!

Fusion VR has developed the Virtual Reality – Operator Training Simulator (VR-OTS) system to train personnel using the latest advances in brain science psychophysics and Industry 4.0 technologies. This solution dramatically reduces the time required to achieve employee learning and development goals that companies establish to accomplish their growth plans. A wide range of manufacturing industries such as oil & gas refineries, petrochemicals, power, mining, automotive, aerospace, life sciences, pharmaceuticals etc. can deploy Fusion VR’s virtual reality solution quite easily and turn themselves into smart workforce.

Fusion VR recreates a highly realistic 3D Digital Twin of a plant or shop floor environment based on actual needs. The VR-OTS system delivers immersive, scenario-based experiential learning in the complete safety of an office environment without the need to place personnel in highly hazardous environments to learn necessary and critical job and safety skills. Managers and supervisors can track employee learning performance with detailed evaluation reports and feedback to achieve the required competencies. The learning is gamified which makes learning fun and rewarding. Fusion VR delivers all that and more in a cost effective and reduced time frame. Check the VR-OTS system recently delivered to an international government client.

A recent case study from PWC proved that say that VR training approach is four-times (4X) faster and four-times (4X) more efficient than conventional instructor-led training in a classroom. It is also 3.75 times more emotionally connected with a 40% improvement in employee confidence.  It’s not only safer, but faster and more effective.

Dr. CSS Bharathy, Founder, Fusion VR says that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has clearly exposed to business leaders the urgent need for implementing Industry 4.0 and Immersive technologies. This will help train personnel effectively with minimal logistical and personnel support.  Widely and easily available VR glasses and headsets such as Oculus Quest 2 is all that is needed to establish this. Classrooms and conventional training methodologies can be eliminated to ensure the safety of employees and training staff. As an added COVID-19 safety measure, a PC screen based, contact-free version is also made available along with the VR headset version.

Fusion VR, based in Chennai, is a pioneer in the use of VR for industrial, commercial and entertainment solution with a decade of experience. It has the expertise across various industries and Industry 4.0 technologies such as VR, AR and MR. Their SMEs and solution designers understand industry pain points, identify use cases and create tailor-made solutions to address the challenges.  

 “We are proudly serving the Industrial VR Simulation space for more than a decade and recently Forbes India identified Fusion VR as one of the Contributors in Shaping M­­­odern India
Dr. C. SS Bharathy, Founder of Fusion VR
Fusion VR has created an exciting website (www.fusionvr.in) which provides excellent information on solutions and FAQs that will transform the organization. Enquire to find out more on how to make strategic choices for delivering greater employee productivity, safety, reliability, returns on investment (ROI) and of course, better CEO sleep!

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