wowTalkies Endeavours to Be the One Stop Destination for All Movie Fans

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It is a widely held belief, many would disagree and say it is a reality, that nothing invigorates the Indian audience as much as the holy troika of politics, cricket and movies. There are many digital properties and apps that cater to politics and cricket. The movie industries which produce the largest number of movies worldwide across eponymous Bollywood and more than 12 regional film industries, and their fans, are however underserved.
wowTalkies’ aim is to be India’s premier fan engagement platform that brings fans, studios/production houses and celebrities together, using advanced digital tech. wowTalkies’ niftily uses Artificial intelligence (AI), Augmented reality (AR), and deep learning for fans to celebrate their love for movies, studios/production houses and the movies they make, and movie celebrities.
With wowTalkies, studios/production houses can personalize content that they already own as piecemeal digital collectibles. wowTalkies helps studios/production houses use the iconography, brands, styles and nostalgia around their movie properties as a means for fans of their movies to express themselves. Studios/production houses also use wowTalkies to promote and market their content and movie properties. Celebrities can leverage their iconography, their signature styles and the movie characters they enact to strengthen their personal endearment with fans, and cultivate their super fandom and passion communities. Fans, can collect, customize and share these digital collectibles, sport the favourite styles of their favourite celebrity, express themselves as part of popular movie paraphernalia; chatter and chat on movie dialogues; click photos with AR avatars of movie stars et al… all as a symbol of their allegiance, faith, nostalgia and fandom around movies and celebrities. Fans can proclaim out loud their knowledge about movies and celebrities with quizzes and games. wowTalkies’ curated movie news keeps fans abreast about movies, celebrities and studios/production houses.
wowTalkies is founded out of Chennai. In its initial avatar, wowTalkies caters to the Tamil movie fan and the Tamil film industry. The founders, movie aficionados themselves, have an extensive and varied experience, consulting for, and implementing digital technology platforms. They have led large digital businesses and startups, the inspiration for wowTalkies serendipitously came from a global fan engagement platform for sports fans of a particular sport, that they helped conceptualise and consulted for. “We deliberately started and launched with regional. Fans and fandom in regional movie industries is deep and culturally ingrained, as can be absolutely seen in the manifestation of super fandom and communities of fans of the southern superstars. We felt that it would help us understand the needs and emotions of fans as the ultimate consumers of the platform, better. That we were all based in Chennai made the decision easier as well,” say the co-founders Sai Natarajan, Karikalan G and Ritesh Kant. “The intention is to cultivate the platform for the nuances and experience of each cinema industry and its fans. We also believe that Bollywood and Hindi movie fans will have their own subtle variations in needs and expression, among and between the Hindi movie territories and regions. In the long run, we see the platform catering to fans and stakeholders at a pan global level,” suggest Sai Natarajan, Karikalan G and Ritesh Kant.
wowTalkies works on and intends building IP on artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning and augmented reality (AR). Some of the current features using augmented reality like AR Avatars and face filters do not just deliver novel fan experiences but can also be used to deliver innovative monetization options for new format ads supporting AR. Upcoming features will use state-of-the-art generative deep learning technology to power innovative and absolutely personalised fan experiences. wowTalkies is free to download and use, premium collectibles and features are on the roadmap as part of future releases.

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