Write Right Announces the Launch of Two New Content Writing Agencies, Kalam Kagaz and Bloggism

Business Wire IndiaWhen was the last time you stopped scrolling? It must have been really good content. Now, when was the last time you read an entire article? Recall that moment when you could not stop scrolling through the article. Think about it; it was appealing, plain, simple, yet captivating. The internet is overflowing with content, and yet you trust a maximum of two to three sources for your information. Ever wondered why?
Reliability and Information. A culmination of these two cushions makes it lucrative, thoughtful and effective language which is the art of content writing, the art of compelling people to keep scrolling. That is the art every content agency should practice but unfortunately, they aren’t. Same is not the case with Write Right. 
Write Right and Content Writing – A Bond with Words
Beginning almost five years ago, they did not see if they would make a really high and long jump. The question was almost daunting. However, they have witnessed the power of reliability and sincerity over these years, and intend to keep doing that.
Here, you might wonder that there are thousands rather lakhs of other websites that frame and create content. So, what is it that they do that sets them apart from the rest? Well, there is a list, but let’s cut to the chase.
While travelling through the dense jungles of content on the internet, it is discovered that most of them provide plagiarized and low quality (bot) content. However, understanding the readers was important. Filling spaces, line after line, without structuring it or even paying attention to the details of grammar or comprehension is a plain sin. Write Right read it right, they understood the market, they made it better and today Write Right writes it right. As of now, they are one of the highest-reviewed content writing agencies in India.
And that is just the beginning. Write Right has been helping businesses, companies, and startup firms, design and create their customized content so that their clients could experience the vision through the words on the website. Today, if we cannot relate to our customers, they will avoid our product. So, it is necessary to reach out and grab their attention and target the sensation our services promise to provide. 
The founder and CEO, Bhavik Sarkhedi, says, “The passionate and experienced writers have undoubtedly helped us garner a reputed name in sop writing services and resume writing services but also our pricing tends to be very appealing to our clients. The fact that we offer reasonable prices with exceptional content pieces is an irresistible combination. The real assets are our skilled and creative set of writers that have lifted this dream high to make Write Right and other content writing services verticals a no-limit and endless journey.”
Write Right had until now 2 subsidiaries, Estorytellers and Taletel. It has been almost a couple of years since Estorytellers and Taletel were launched, and they have already dug their roots deep. Along with them, now 2 more content verticals will join.
Kalam Kagaz and Bloggism – The Journey as Planned..
Similar to the vision for Estorytellers and Taletel, Kalam Kagaz and Bloggism, too, are personal ventures of Write Right. With them, they aim to set the bar even higher. Although the former ventures shared almost a common motive between themselves, the latter two are worlds apart. 
Estorytellers and Taletel – The Journey So Far..
Talking about the subsidiaries and handling them completely, Darshana Somani, co-founder of Write Right, says, “While working in the industry for a while, I realized that there was a separate client altogether that approached us for their Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendation, Personal Statements, and Essay extending to a variety of motives related to admissions and travelling abroad education. The thought struck me that why not build a separate forum for them altogether and employ writers who are the best at this. Concentrating on both the clients and the writers on this medium made me sure to deliver even better quality to the client rather than the scholars. The feedback I received to this was endearing, and both Estorytellers and Taletel have since then been a favourite for scholars worldwide.”
The promise is to provide the clients with SOPs that process their admission addressing the critical points of their past career, their inspiration, and their future goals.
The diverse range of clients has helped the company gain a bond of trust, reliability and honesty through the years. 
Kalam Kagaz
Ever been to the point where you are explaining a thought to your content writer, but they cannot grab the essence of it. Yes, it is frustrating. So how about you come to the place that understands you, feels your vision, and gives you the exact rendition of what you desire. The talented group of writers and designers at Kalam Kagaz, a creative content writing agency, offers a 360-degree resume-building service that includes an entire revamp of your online presence. From building your LinkedIn profile to designing it according to your preference, they build each and every profile from scratch, boosting your Social Selling Index. The belief is that each of us are unique, and thus none deserves generic and monotonous services. So, no premade templates, no pre-decided set of content. Your word, and they will get it done. The skilled writers and designers work day in and out to deliver what the clients call, ‘a masterpiece!!’
In the most literal sense of it, Bloggism, a blog writing services provider, caters to any kind of content request you may have. Experienced writers with a portfolio ranging in diverse fields are your medium to appealing content, one that carries you that extra mile ahead of your competitors. Blogs ensure you fast services tailor-made to your imagination, and they can assure you, their language and grammar will neither disappoint you nor the Queen of England. With that vision in mind, Write Right moves ahead, another step towards clean and crisp content, through Blogs. 
Scope for Content Writing in the Next Five Years.
Content writing is booming. In simple words, it is going to double or triple the current market size. The exponential rise of the digitized world is giving a boost to this already boosted industry, and the payment and employment opportunities are going to shoot through the sky. Be there to witness the show cause we are definitely going to get front seats.