Actions Technology Powers Xiaomi Redmi Watch 3 Lite

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In May 2023, Xiaomi’s independent brand, Redmi, has launched a new generation of smart watch – Redmi Watch 3 Lite, which is currently on sale on e-commerce platforms in China and will soon be widely obtainable in the global market.


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Actions Technology Powers Xiaomi Redmi Watch 3 Lite (Photo: Business Wire)

The Redmi Watch 3 Lite is the perfect smart watch for those who want to stay connected and in control of their health. With its large 1.83-inch display and over 200 customizable watch faces. This smart watch offers essential functions such as continuous blood oxygen monitoring, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, and women’s health tracking. You can stay informed about your health and wellness wherever you go. With stable Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, you can make phone calls directly from your wrist using the dial pad and also control your smartphone camera and music playback. The watch also boasts a typical battery life of up to 12 days, so you can stay connected for longer without worrying about running out of battery.


It’s worth mentioning that the Redmi Watch 3 Lite is powered by ATS3085L smart watch SoC from Actions Technology. In addition to Xiaomi, the Actions® ATS3085 series smart watch SoC is anticipated to be adopted by other well-known Chinese brands, which has been used in multiple watch models from well-known brands such as Noise, realme, boAt, and Fire-Boltt, and has penetrated into the top smart watch brands in India.


About ATS3085 series smart watch SoC


Actions® ATS3085 series smart watch SoC features a dual core heterogeneous architecture based on MCU+DSP. This means that a single chip is capable of driving the display screen, running sports health algorithms, enabling Bluetooth calls and local decoding, and distributing music to TWS headphones via Bluetooth. With low power consumption technology, Actions Technology has made it possible for intelligent wearable products to have a smoother display and ultra-long standby experience. The ATS3085 series provides a competitive single-chip solution design with high performance, high frame rate, and low power consumption, making it an ideal choice for smart watches and other wearable devices.


Advanced Display Design Technology


The Actions® smart watch chip includes a 2D GPU that accelerates blending, filling, and copying for advanced display design. Accelerated text A4 and A8 drawing, semi-transparent effects during sliding, and direct access to high-speed DDR OPI PSRAM make a gorgeous UI performance up to 466*466@60Hz, resulting in a smoother touch experience and seamless screen refreshing.


Extended Battery Life


The smart watch solution incorporates Actions’ low power design technology, ensuring outstanding performance while achieving excellent power consumption. According to laboratory tests conducted by Actions, the MCU’s power consumption is 16uA/[email protected], with BR connection consumption <100μA@500ms, BLE connection consumption <70μA@500ms, and dual connection consumption of BR and BLE <110uA@500ms.


Dual-mode Bluetooth


The Actions® smart watch SoC ATS3085 series is one of the earliest dual-mode Bluetooth single chips to achieve mass production. It supports the latest Bluetooth BLE Audio and Classic BT Audio dual-mode specifications. It also supports Bluetooth 5.3 standard, allowing for uninterrupted data transmission during phone calls and audio streaming, as well as features like Bluetooth calling and distributing music to TWS earphones.


High-quality audio (AI ENC)


The high-quality sound on the smart watch is supported by professional AI noise reduction algorithms integrated into the chip. The AI ENC technology provides high-quality voice restoration and deep noise reduction up to 40dB. It uses a combination of acoustic and signal processing, along with deep learning speech models and intelligent scene recognition to determine the appropriate noise reduction model quickly. It covers various types of noise and effectively eliminates over ten million types of environmental noise, delivering stable and clear call quality.


In late 2021, Actions Technology officially launched its first-generation ATS3085 series of smart watch single-chip solutions, marking its entry into the smart wearables market. Furthermore, Actions® is set to launch the second-generation smart watch SoC in 2023.


About Actions Technology Co., Ltd


Better chip, better audio visual life! Actions devotes its resources to developing SoCs for low power wireless communication, multimedia processing and other IoT technologies. Over the years Actions has developed a portfolio of IP involving Bluetooth communication, ADC/DAC, power consumption management, high-speed analog interface and audio processing. Customers can leverage Actions’ IP with complete hardware and firmware engineering tools to accelerate the development of end products.


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