Amazon Future Engineer Launches Early Internship Program to Empower Women from Underprivileged Communities in India with Tech Experience in Various Roles at Amazon

Business Wire India

Amazon Future Engineer (AFE), the flagship philanthropic computer science education program by Amazon, has launched an early internship program exclusively for AFE Scholars. The AFE Internship offers a unique opportunity for girl students from low-income families to gain valuable work experience, preparing them to become future leaders in the tech industry.

68 AFE Scholars, who are already supported by Amazon through financial aid and skill-building courses, will have the chance to participate in an eight-week paid internship program. This internship is offered at the end of their second year of college and focuses on four tech career pathways: Software Development Engineers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Data Engineers, and Support Engineers. “Amazon is leading the way for increased representation of women in engineering, especially from underserved and underprivileged communities. AFE scholarship recipients are among the top-performing women engineering students, and now through the AFE internships, we would be able to tap into this talent pool while also championing the cause of bringing more women into tech roles at Amazon. To date, the AFE program has reached more than 1.2 MM students to explore and learn computer science across more than 7000 Schools in India. Diverse representation in the employee base is critical for us to understand the diverse customer base of the business,” said Manish Tiwary, VP and Country Manager, Amazon India.

These internships provide hands-on experience with Amazon’s cutting-edge technologies, such as Alexa voice technology, Amazon Web Services, and the Amazon retail platform. “The AFE Internship is designed to bridge the skills gap and promote gender equality in the tech industry,” said Akshay Kashyap, Lead of Amazon Future Engineer in India. “By offering early internship opportunities to AFE Scholars, we ensure that they receive the necessary support, skills, and resources to succeed in a tech career. Amazon is committed to investing in the careers of those who are farthest from opportunity.” Their performance during the internship will also be considered for potential return offers as regular interns or full-time employees.

The AFE Scholarship program, launched in 2021, aims to support meritorious girl students from low-income families pursuing degrees in tech and related fields. Since its inception, the program has awarded scholarships to 700 girls across 23 states in India. In addition to financial assistance, the program offers access to Computer Science boot camps, mentorship, networking platforms, and career skills resources. The AFE Scholarship program has gained immense popularity, with the number of scholarships increasing from 200 in the inaugural cohort to 500 this year. Amazon received over 80,000 applications, with an acceptance rate of 7%, making it one of the most sought-after scholarship programs in the country.

Vaishnavi Priya, an AFE intern and a student of the Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing, Kurnool, said, “On my first day at Amazon’s India headquarters, I was both nervous and excited. The atmosphere was electric and I was amazed by the vibrant surroundings. My manager and colleagues made me feel welcome and guided me through tasks, encouraging my growth. The Intern’s Day event, with its captivating performances, was a major highlight and strengthened our team bond. I would consider it a great privilege to work as an intern at one of the world’s most innovative companies like Amazon.”

By providing young individuals with the opportunity to explore their potential and become active creators of technology, Amazon is committed to creating pathways for a career in tech for underprivileged and underrepresented students. The AFE program provides students with essential coding skills starting from primary school and extending throughout secondary education, seamlessly transitioning them into successful jobs and careers.