Art of Healing Cancer Shares Information on the High Cost of Immunotherapy Treatment for Cancer Patients in India

Business Wire India

Art of Healing Cancer, one of the leading organizations focused on precision oncology to treat cancer patients, is raising awareness about the high cost of immunotherapy treatment in India by sharing important information on the subject. The organization aims to shed light on the financial burden patients and their families face, advocating for greater accessibility to this life-saving treatment option.

Immunotherapy, a revolutionary cancer treatment, harnesses the body’s immune system to fight cancer cells. It directs and potentiates our T-cells to eliminate cancer cells, sometimes even increasing the number of T-cells. It has shown promising results in treating various types of cancer, often with fewer side effects; it also augments the effects of traditional chemotherapy or radiation. However, the high cost of immunotherapy has made it difficult for many Indian patients to access this groundbreaking treatment. Immunotherapy can be drugs like checkpoint inhibitors, which block the antigens, preventing T-cells from acting, or vaccines, which stimulate/potentiate T-cells to eliminate the cancer cells. The average cost of such drugs is around INR 2 lakh per dose, ranging from 40k to INR 12 lakh or even more. The average cost of the vaccine process is also around INR 5 lakh. This financial burden can overwhelm patients and their families, particularly those without adequate health insurance coverage. Moreover, there is a limit to which insurance covers the cost of immunotherapy.

Dr Mandeep Singh, Lead Oncologist and Chief Mentor at Art of Healing Cancer stresses the importance of making immunotherapy accessible in India. “Immunotherapy has transformed the cancer treatment landscape and offered new hope to many patients. However, the high cost of these treatments puts them out of reach for a significant portion of the population. We must work together to find innovative solutions that can help reduce costs and ensure that all cancer patients have access to these potentially life-saving therapies. At Art of Healing Cancer, we are exploring options to make immunotherapy more accessible to our population. A recent study from Tata Memorial Hospital has shown that immunotherapy drugs can also be effective at lower doses; few international pieces of research support this concept. A lesser dose with similar efficacy brings down the cost. Certain off-label drugs like 2-DG (a drug launched by DRDO during Covid) also been shown to make immunotherapy drugs more effective, thus helping to achieve desired results with a lesser amount of drug and bringing down the cost. Certain natural products / Ayurveda, like Berberine, have been found with mechanisms of action similar to immunotherapy drugs. German anthropological medicine, Mistletoe is a good immunostimulant & immunomodulator on similar to vaccines. We are also exploring suggesting these natural medicines to patients who cannot afford expensive, standard immunotherapy,” says Dr. Singh.

Art of Healing Cancer is one of the only organizations that has partnered with some of the leading labs in the world to offer cutting-edge cell and gene-based immunotherapies like Dendritic Cell, T Cell, and NK Cell therapies, along with state-of-the-art techniques for gene silencing using Oligonucleotides.

Arpan Talwar, Co-founder of Art of Healing Cancer, echoes Dr. Singh’s sentiments and emphasizes the organization’s commitment to addressing this issue. “At Art of Healing Cancer, our focus on precision oncology allows us to develop tailored treatment plans for cancer patients. We understand the urgent need to make innovative therapies like immunotherapy more affordable and accessible. We are dedicated to raising awareness, collaborating with stakeholders, and exploring alternative funding sources to help lessen the financial burden on cancer patients and their families,” says Talwar.

Art of Healing Cancer is committed to discussing the challenges associated with the cost of immunotherapy and working towards finding solutions to make it more affordable for cancer patients in India. Through collaborative efforts with healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, and policymakers, the organization hopes to reduce the financial barriers faced by patients and their families.

In addition to raising awareness, Art of Healing Cancer is also dedicated to providing support and resources for cancer patients, including information about alternative funding sources and financial assistance programs. The organization strives to ensure that every cancer patient has access to the best possible care by addressing the cost of immunotherapy treatment.