AskmeOffers Launches AI-Powered Coupon System, Redefining Online Savings

Business Wire India

In a groundbreaking move, AskmeOffers, a leading division of LUSSAC INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LIMITED, has launched a state-of-the-art Chrome Extension that is set to change the way people shop online. With a commitment to enhancing the online shopping experience, the platform offers an extensive suite of automatic promo codes and cashback deals, covering over 195,000+ stores worldwide.

AskmeOffers’ machine learning & AI system analyzes over 20 datasets to ensure that users receive only the most effective and applicable discounts. By considering factors such as inherent rank, recent discount utilization, and success rates, the system prioritizes coupons in real-time recommendations, guaranteeing optimal savings for consumers.

Users can simply navigate to the Google Chrome Store, and search for AskmeOffers Chrome Extension, and easily add coupon systems to their browser for seamless, automated savings.

The platform goes a notch higher with one-in-the-world engineering, where coupon codes aren’t just copy-pasted but studied throughout. Codes are screened for recency of use, giving buyers access to the most up-to-date offers. Plus, there’s always a direct emphasis on the highest discounts and exclusivity of deals, the best and most repeatedly successful promo codes are flagged by the algorithm making AskmeOffers the epitome of world-class customer delight.

We enable a highly personalized shopping experience that’s both hassle-free and cost-effective. Our extension handles everything in the background, this not only saves money but also time, making online shopping more enjoyable and less of a chore,” said Upasana Kardam, the Country HR Director at AskmeOffers. “The future is incredibly exciting! We plan to expand the capabilities of our AI to not only analyze more complex data sets but also to integrate seamlessly with emerging online platforms and markets.”

AskmeOffers is the world’s first AI and machine learning-based system supporting over 195,000 merchants globally. The launch collection of AskmeOffers’ promo codes and cashback offers is incredibly extensive, featuring the widest range of merchants ever seen