Bajaj Allianz Life Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund Now Open to All Investors

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Bajaj Allianz Life, one of the leading private life insurers in India, launches a unique fund proposition in the ULIP segment today. Bajaj Allianz Life’s Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund offers customers the opportunity to allocate between equity and debt, dynamically. The benchmark index is Crisil Dynamic Asset Allocation Index (45% Equity, 45% Debt and 10% Liquid). The NFO period for Dynamic Asset Allocation fund ends on 25th September 2023.
The asset allocation (between debt and equity) of the fund will be more dynamic/active in nature. It is based on an in-house quantitative model with limited qualitative input from the fund manager and aims to optimize risk-return. This investment strategy will help to minimize volatility and downside risk during market corrections.

For example: In a scenario, when market valuations get more expensive, the fund will reduce equity exposure. Alternatively, with more attractive market valuations, it will increase equity exposure. The asset allocation range of the fund will be as follows:

Equity and Equity related instrument: 10%-90%;
Debt and Debt related instrument: 10%-90%;
Money market instrument: 0%-80%.

Sampath Reddy, Chief Investment Officer, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, said on the launch, “Having been a part of the industry for over three decades, I have observed that a common challenge retail investors face is managing asset allocation independently, depending on changing market conditions or outlook. We are pleased that Bajaj Allianz Life’s Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund, a significant addition to our ULIP offerings, will enable investors to seamlessly move their funds in line with market trends. This feature aims to provide customers with peace of mind by dynamically handling asset allocation through a proprietary quantitative model and insights from fund managers. With a disciplined approach, the fund empowers investors on their path to achieving life goals.”

Why invest in Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund

Customers can consider some of the key points while investing in the Bajaj Allianz Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund:

  • Dynamic Asset Allocation Management: Retail investors often struggle to adjust their asset allocation in response to shifting market conditions. This fund offers a solution by employing a proprietary quantitative model and removing the complexity of timing equity-debt allocation changes by a policyholder. There would be limited engagement of the Fund Manager (on the asset allocation mix) due to quantitative model-based investment approach. This approach will also help investors to follow a disciplined approach towards asset allocation and reduce individual behavioural biases.
  • Optimize Risk and Return: The investment strategy not only seeks growth but also aims to minimize volatility and protect against downside risks during market corrections. By following this strategy, the fund endeavors to shield investors from excessive market fluctuations, providing a level of stability that can be especially appealing during uncertain times.
  • Significant traction from investors for the strategy: In the mutual fund industry, Dynamic Asset Allocation funds (also known as balanced advantage funds) have gained significant traction from investors because they are getting the right advantage at the right time of the market.
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