Blooume Homeopathy: Quality One Can Rely On

Business Wire India
Blooume is India’s leading GMP-certified homoeopathic medicine manufacturing company in India. Having collaborated with Bioforce AG, Switzerland, the homoeopathic brand has acquired the technical know-how and expertise to make effective homoeopathic medication in India with Swiss formulation. The brand is known for providing a wide range of effective, high-quality, safe, and affordable homoeopathic remedies. Over the last 37 years, Blooume has gained mainstream popularity in the Homoeopathic industry.
Blooume’s product range comprises generic, over-the-counter (OTC) & homoeopathic cosmetic products using double filtered Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA), & imported Lactose from Holland to manufacture homoeopathic medicines to ensure a high-quality medicine supply. The range comprises of dilutions, mother tinctures, bio-chemic & bio-combination tablets, trituration tablets, complex liquids, complex tablets, syrup & tonics, malt, hair oil, balm, ointment, soaps & shampoos to name a few. The extensive line-up of OTC remedies caters to various health conditions such as allergies, digestive disorders, skin problems, respiratory issues, Liver disorders and many more. All remedies are manufactured using the highest quality ingredients and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring maximum efficacy. As doctors trust Blooume products for their patients, Blooume products are widely known as the best homoeopathic brands across India. These products are available at all leading Homoeopathic Distributors, Retailers and pharmacies across India.
As the factory is based in a rural area, it has also expanded its arms to social work, giving more employment opportunities to people in rural areas. In addition to this, Blooume has also made provisions for water management helping women to get water directly from the taps instead of pulling from the wells. Blooume has always proved its efficiency and believes that a part of it should always be used for the betterment of the country. Blooume team also provides milk to 40 children, who are studying in govt School near the factory, twice a week.
Pranav Batra, the founder of Blooume, states that it is the company’s mission to strive towards making high-quality, safe and effective homoeopathic products accessible to everyone in India. With a deep-rooted passion for Homoeopathy, he founded Blooume to provide people with a wide range of Homoeopathic remedies that cater to various health conditions. He says, “Our commitment to quality and efficacy has enabled us to quickly reach people looking for natural and effective health solutions.
At Blooume, we strive to make a positive impact on people’s lives, and our customer-centric approach reflects that. It gives me immense pleasure to see the trust and confidence that people have shown in Blooume, and we are committed to delivering the best to our customers,” he goes on to add.