Blox: The Online Platform That Lets One Buy a Home in 7 Clicks

Business Wire IndiaSince the onslaught of COVID-19, India has been on the forefront of digitization and as a country is rapidly adopting upcoming technologies. Everyone started ordering groceries with the tap of a smartphone, watching all the favourite shows and movies on mobiles and so much more.
Blox is India’s revolutionary online home-buying platform that uses proprietary algorithms and tech tools, such as AI and ML, to bring home buyers properties from some of the top-rated developers in Mumbai. These properties are refined according to the buyer’s preferences. The fully integrated digital portal helps home buyers browse through regular projects and premium offerings and compare these fairly. Following the shortlisting process, Blox offers a host of online and offline support features, including the expert guidance of a relationship manager. From arranging virtual or physical site visits to handling paperwork and project financing, the Blox relationship manager will handhold all the dealings of the home-buying process, allowing the buyer to complete the process in seven clicks! Simple, effortless, and hassle-free – that is the home-buying experience that Blox offers its users.
How is Blox different

  • Blox is committed to offering a hassle-free and seamless experience to individuals seeking their dream home. With a focus on end users, this brand utilises technology-driven solutions to simplify the home-buying process. By listing only verified developers and RERA-registered projects, Blox helps alleviate the stress of keeping track of the authenticity of a potential investment. Blox’s main objective is to assist home buyers in finding their ideal home, with an emphasis on creating a fulfilling and satisfying home-buying experience.
  • Unlike most other portals, the properties on Blox come directly from verified developers with a track record for delivering high-quality projects and keeping to commitments.
  • Blox has an exclusive mandate on exclusive projects offered by some of the top brands in the real estate development world, such as the Lodha Group and Dynamix. With such partnerships, Blox caters to consumer preferences in the post-COVID era – large, spacious apartments, eco-friendly technology, state-of-the-art amenities, and excellent social infrastructure.
  • By minimising the need for agents and middlemen, Blox brings financial prudence to the table. It is a zero-fee platform that offers value-added services without any additional cost implications to the home buyer or real estate investor.

Traditionally, the home-buying experience, though a major financial and emotional one, has also been fraught with worry, stress, and exertion. In the past, home buyers in India have faced challenges in accessing transparent communication channels with developers, often relying on intermediaries and agents. This lack of direct connectivity has caused inconvenience to the buyers, who have had to rely on others for information about the property. Blox recognizes this issue and aims to bridge this gap by providing a platform for seamless connectivity between home buyers and developers. It is time for a momentous change, and Blox is all geared up to bring it home, quite literally. Homebuyers can now focus solely on what they want from their residential property and leave the rest to Blox
CEO and founder of BLOX, Aditya Jhaveri, established the platform in 2020 in an endeavour to reimagine the home buying experience and offer end-to-end solutions. The portal delivers exceptional customer service and technology-backed buying by cutting through the need for voluminous research, paperwork, and negotiations. Indian home buyers deserve to leave the stress and anxiety behind and reclaim the joy of buying the home of their dreams. And that is precisely what Blox delivers.