Canna Essentials Launches India’s First Hemp Mobile App

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Noida-based Canna Essentials has launched India’s first hemp iOS mobile App for its customers. This easy and user-friendly App is compatible with all the iOS versions. It has all the features like a wishlist and orders the products with any online or COD payment method. It provides its customer 24*7 customer support and makes life hassle-free. This app is ONE STOP FOR ALL the healthy, organic and natural products. As one can compare and buy the best health product according to one’s need. Now all individuals from fitness freaks to youngsters, or elderly people can add hemp as a part of their daily routine to boost their immunity and keep themselves healthy.
This addition to Canna Essentials technology suite illustrates its initiative in building the most advanced health experience for consumers.
“A unique platform that brings hemp sellers and consumers from all corners of the country under one roof. That’s the USP of our app. Hemp’s use as food, fuel, and medicine is not new to the world. Its origin in India and around the globe dates back to thousands of years. Unfortunately, nothing significant has happened in the hemp industry in the recent past. We are working towards helping people explore the health benefits offered by this super plant,” said Rishav Raj, CEO and the brain behind Canna Essentials. 
As Canna Essentials is India’s one of the leading online hemp marketplace. By joining this, it has occupied a special place in India’s online market.
Here, Canna Essentials strives to bring the purest, safest, and most eco-friendly products in the wellness industry. They are dedicated to promoting health and wellness through their wide range of plant-based, non-GMO, Cruelty-free, Non-GMP products.
In this e-commerce marketplace, consumers get the power to choose from a wide variety of products. Canna Essentials provides various vegan Product Brands an opportunity to get their products listed on their website like Ayurvedic Essentials, Boheco life, Health Horizons, Februss Organics, Dr. Vaidya’s, Satvik Spirit, Cure By Design, Nomh Foods, Happy Puppy, India Hemp Organics, Amayra Naturals to showcase their products.
Why Buy from Canna Essentials?
Every product listed on their website is a third-party laboratory tested to ensure quality and purity. Canna Essentials truly believes in the full potential of Hemp extract and its multiple medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

  • 100% Natural: Premium Quality, 100% natural Vegan products derived from organic Himalayan seeds.
  • Purity: Products Undergo Extensive third-party lab testing for Purity and Potency.
  • Transparency: Know what’s inside the Plant-based product. Find the list of all the ingredients on the label itself.
  • Made in India: Extracted from Himalayan seed grown in India.
  • Industry-Best Knowledge: Canna Essentials promotes wellness. Contact their experts with questions.

Hemp Ayurvedic Remedies: Hemp’s medical component, locally known as Vijaya, has always helped the Himalayan communities develop a sustainable lifestyle model. This multipurpose plant finds its use in nutrition, apparel, and wellness. Recent research shows that the Cannabinoids present in Hemp positively interact with the human endocannabinoid system (ECS), resulting in extraordinary medicinal benefits. The ECS is a system responsible for regulating and sharpening physical and cognitive processes. Push away the chemicals and embrace the organic gifts of nature. 
Some of the health benefits of Vijaya are:

  • Natural plant-based
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Improves digestion
  • Increases focus and concentration
  • These are rich in Vitamins, Omega-3, Omega-6 & Omega-9

Many users vouch for the countless benefits of their high-quality hemp products. So, shop now at and revolutionize ones lifestyle. Let’s revive wellness and improve lives!
Two years back when Rishav was exploring the opportunities and looking at in the USA then he thought to do research and educate people about the wonder crop hemp and finally in 2019, after doing a lot of research about hemp industries for a couple of months, Canna Essentials finally launched their online marketplace Canna Essentials in January 2020. They decided to create an effective platform for their customers to use products directly from the farms to their home with no preservatives and 100% organic and hence founded Canna Essentials. The Company CEO Rishav Raj, With 12+ years of experience in internet and technology based start-ups across different verticals project management, and website management has experience of working across various sectors like Cannabis – CBD, Hemp, was researching and educating people about the misunderstood crop hemp and is planning to have more than 50 brands associated with us in a few months.
In a short period of just 10 months, Canna Essentials have achieved good sales and a customer base for their products. Their sales have increased by more than 200% from the initial months. As a company, they have currently generated more than Rs 15 lakh of Sale in total and have retained more than 35% of their customers and fulfilled more than 1400 plus orders.
Canna Essentials is thankful to customers who have trusted and supported in the difficult phase of this global pandemic. As they have achieved 1400+ orders during the time of COVID -19.
This e-commerce giant, which has invested a significant amount in Hemp in India, has recently launched its own hemp products brand named Ayurvedic Essentials with delivery services in all parts of India. The company initially planned to launch its product in March 2020, but due to pandemic and the nationwide stay-at-home order by the Indian government issued in late March, it moved to July 2020.
In the run-up to the launch, the e-commerce giant began testing the product for a few months. Now one can add this Nature’s Secret to Health to ones diet to stay fit and healthy, and I am thrilled to announce that customers can now purchase hemp products like hemp seeds, hemp protein powder, and hemp oil via the new online App powered by Canna Essentials.
Now let’s get brief information about the main ingredients of their products:
Hemp Hearts are picked and shelled with care to bring out the nutty flavor that compliments all meals. These are one of the best plant-based wellsprings of protein that are vital for everyday nutritional needs.
Hemp Hearts is a nurturer and defender. It monitors body against dangerous antibodies and also revives by living a healthy, disease-free lifestyle. Zero added substances 100% all-natural Hemp hearts are ground-breaking nutrient boosters sourced from the most elite. They may appear to be small, but they do pack a punch!

Hemp Protein Powder is perfect nutritious magic to any dish or beverage like lassi, juice, milk, smoothie, and many more. With never-ending combinations to try, hemp protein powder is the answer to a healthy eating routine.

Hemp protein powder makes food healthy and yummy, and it’s a great way to boost meal with the goodness of Hemp. All one needs to do is blend or mix it with cereals, shakes, smoothies, and many more.
Hemp Seeds Oil is raw, unrefined, and cold-pressed to preserve the goodness of the hemp plant. Now one can uplift any dish and give them bountiful nutrition of this hemp seed oil. It is the best solution for all problems, from personal care routine to daily meals. One can pour a spoonful of hemp oil into all of their favorite cuisine.
These products help boost metabolism, improve vision, increase energy level, aids Skin Rejuvenation, and improve memory & brain function.
It can be consumed 20g – 25g or 1 – 2 tablespoons per day or as directed by the physician and store it in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. Refrigerate after opening.
Canna Essentials is adhering to the highest safety standards to ensure their customers remain safe while having a delightful experience and promise to come up with more and healthy and nutritious products for consumers in the future. The stigma attached to the consumption of cannabis/hemp has always pushed investors and businesses away from investing in the hemp market. However, with companies like Canna Essentials striving to break the taboo attached to hemp, the country may witness the revival of the cannabis/hemp industry. Visit now to shop for the best hemp products. 
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