Cardano Foundation Names Giorgio Zinetti as Chief Technology Officer

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The Cardano Foundation, the Swiss-based not-for-profit organization tasked with advancing Cardano as a public digital infrastructure across a wide range of industries, today announced the appointment of Giorgio Zinetti as its Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In this role, he will be the technical leader for the Foundation, playing a key role in scaling the growing pipeline of Cardano Foundation projects and products, plus maximizing the open source model to deliver the next generation of enterprise blockchain technology.


Commenting on the appointment, Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, stated: “Adding Giorgio to the executive team as our first CTO is a significant milestone for the Foundation that marks our commitment to technical excellence. His experience and expertise will support us in our mission to increase the adoption of blockchain solutions that can both enhance the nature of trust and be the basis for new applications, industries, and economies.”


The appointment will leverage Zinetti’s wealth of experience, including as a co-founder and CTO at government and enterprise digital identity technology provider Procivis AG and as a Software Engineer at multinational investment bank UBS. Further to holding an MSc in Computer Science, he has amassed deep experience building technological solutions from the ground up, navigating a broad spectrum of organizations including government clients, financial institutions, large corporations and agile startups at the intersection of business and technology. Throughout his career, Zinetti has been instrumental in steering teams across different geographies, following agile best practices, and adhering to enterprise architecture standards.


Reflecting on his new role as CTO of the Cardano Foundation, Zinetti said: “The innovative and important work of the Cardano Foundation is helping to drive forward one of the most exciting technologies in the world. As the Foundation’s CTO, it will be an honor to continue the great work of enhancing the Cardano blockchain’s operational resilience, ensuring we remain at the forefront of technological advancement amidst an intensely competitive global environment.”


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Frederik Gregaard, CEO, and Giorgio Zinetti, CTO, are available for comment.


About the Cardano Foundation


The Cardano Foundation is an independent, Swiss-based not-for-profit organization tasked with advancing Cardano as a public digital infrastructure across a wide range of industries. The Foundation works to anchor Cardano as a utility for financial and social systems, thus empowering the digital architects of the future. It also develops infrastructure tooling—including where there may not be an immediate commercial use case—plus strengthens operational resilience, and drives diversity of on-infrastructure use cases as well as the development of sound and representative governance.