Chkokko: Revolutionizing the Indian Athleisure Market with Inclusivity, Innovation, and Rapid Growth

Business Wire India

The athleisure market, a fusion of athletic and leisurewear, has witnessed remarkable growth over the past decade, becoming a global phenomenon that seamlessly blends fashion with fitness. With an estimated market size of USD 21 billion in 2023 and projected growth at a CAGR of 13.8% from 2020 to 2025, the athleisure industry is poised for exponential expansion. This remarkable growth is fueled by evolving fashion trends, increasing health consciousness, and the growing preference for comfortable yet stylish clothing. Riding the wave of this growing trend is Chkokko, a direct-to-consumer (D2C) athleisure brand that has captured the hearts of the Indian populace.

Chkokko, with its roots deeply embedded in the ethos of India, has become a symbol of self-reliance and empowerment. It stands as a testament to the Indian spirit, offering athleisure apparel designed by Indians, for Indians.

Before 2018, the Indian activewear market was predominantly dominated by foreign players, offering limited styles and colors. This left the young generation, including Gen Zs and millennials, with a narrow lane to explore their personal style and fashion preferences. The range of styles and colors was often narrow, hindering individuals’ exploration of their personal style and fashion preferences. Recognizing this gap, Chkokko emerged as a pioneer, breaking the mould by providing affordable and stylish athleisure wear in a multitude of colors and designs, ensuring fashion choices were no longer heavy on pockets.

Chkokko distinguishes itself through its unique selling proposition, which centres around a steadfast commitment to inclusivity and the recognition of individuality in every activity. One of its key differentiators is the extensive range of sizes offered, catering to a diverse array of body types, including regular and plus sizes, with size options extending up to 5XL. This commitment to inclusivity sets Chkokko apart from its competitors.

Moreover, Chkokko’s product portfolio is exceptionally diverse, encompassing a wide selection of versatile clothing items such as co-ord sets, track pants, tights, shorts, tank tops, polos, jackets and track suits. These pieces are designed to be adaptable for various occasions, whether it’s for lounging or travelling. Setting new standards in activewear, Chkokko incorporates cutting-edge features like dri-fit technology into its products. This innovative technology effectively wicks away sweat, ensuring that clothes remain dry and comfortable even during intense physical activities.

The brand’s strong emphasis on quality and continuous product evolution is driven by a deep understanding of consumer needs and preferences. By consistently refining their offerings, Chkokko strives to provide exceptional experiences and meet the ever-evolving requirements of its customers.

With their innovative offerings and diverse options, the brand’s customer-centric approach has paid off, as Chkokko has successfully amassed a loyal customer base of 3 million individuals, with over 100,000 pieces shipped each month. This resounding success is a testament to Chkokko’s commitment to offering innovative and diverse options that resonate with the Indian population, solidifying its position as a trusted name in the athleisure market.

Additionally, the brand is set to achieve an Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of Rs 100 CR in FY 2024. Looking towards the future, Chkokko envisions itself as a leading player in the Indian athleisure market within the next ten years. With a target of generating revenue of INR 300 crores within the next three years, the brand aims to expand its presence by venturing into offline retail, ensuring convenience and accessibility for consumers across the country. By creating omnipresence, Chkokko seeks to strengthen its bond with customers and enhance their shopping experience, as stated by Mihir Parashar (Co-founder, Chkokko).

Notably, Chkokko’s dedication to the Indian market and its people is evident in its endeavours. The brand has introduced an extended color palette, celebrating the rich diversity of India and truly embracing and representing the myriad of cultures and identities across the nation. Additionally, by providing a wide range of colors, Chkokko ensures that every individual can find athleisure wear that resonates with their unique style and identity.

With its mission to empower individuals to embrace an active lifestyle without compromising on fashion, Chkokko is poised to shape the future of the Indian athleisure market. Its innovative and inclusive approach sets it apart as a brand for the people, by the people. Through its dedication to inclusivity, affordability, quality, and constant innovation, Chkokko is set to become a household name, redefining the way Indians experience and engage with athleisure.