Co.dx Platform from TheMathCompany Achieves Veracode Verified Standard Tier Status

Business Wire IndiaTheMathCompany, an Illinois-headquartered leading global data analytics and engineering firm, has achieved Veracode Verified Standard Status for its Co.dx platform. Veracode is a leading provider of intelligent software security solutions, and the Veracode Verified program provides third-party validation of secure software development processes.

This achievement is a testament to TheMathCompany’s commitment to investing resources and time into application security and DevSecOps practices through continuous and iterative efforts. By adopting robust practices, TheMathCompany has further bolstered its security posture, reduced vulnerability remediation time, and invested in developer and security champion training and resources.

Shridhar Guntury, Chief Technology Officer at TheMathCompany said, “Co.dx delivers bespoke data-driven solutions ready for business consumption at speed. As our solutions are deployed for mission-critical processes, data security is of prime importance, and Veracode certification assures complete compliance in client environment. In the ever-changing world of security vulnerabilities, this certification shows our commitment to following the industry accepted best practices and maintaining Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards.”

Brian Roche, Chief Product Officer at Veracode said, “TheMathCompany has made secure software development a priority and a competitive advantage by adopting a mature application security program that covers the entire software development life cycle”. “In the face of the increasing cybersecurity skills gap, Veracode Verified provides value without straining limited security resources and allows organizations like TheMathCompany to quickly, effectively, and continuously reduce risk.”

Veracode Verified provides a holistic, objective view of an organization’s application security program and offers progressive tiers for measuring success and assessing application security posture. Each tier is cumulative, building upon the qualifications of the previous tier and strengthening participants’ integration of security into the development process. Standard tier status denotes that important security steps have been implemented into Co.dx’s development practice, including assessing first-party code with static analysis, providing developers with remediation guidance when new flaws are introduced, and establishing a scanning cadence of at least every six months.

Co.dx is the proprietary AI/ML platform from TheMathCompany that aids in developing AI/ML assets contextualized to business landscape. It solves challenges ranging from data extraction, feature engineering, algorithm development, and everything in between. It is built with the sole objective of ensuring every stakeholder is equipped with the right intelligence to make quick and effective decisions.