Cointrade – Crypto Trading Platform With Lowest Buy Prices for Bitcoin, Etherium and Other Crypto Coins in India

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Crypto has taken center stage, with the crypto market cap currently reaching $1.7 trillion. Among the emerging Web 3 and Crypto startups, let’s talk about Cointrade – which is the safest and most affordable crypto trading platform in the Indian Market. 
Cointrade is the brand-new crypto platform in India that is offering crypto at lowest buy prices. 
The inception of Cointrade happened with a simple idea – to make crypto accessible to everyone. Decentralized assets can play a key role in bringing financial freedom to the masses, irrespective of their income or location. Cointrade has taken this step forward by introducing an easy way of buying and selling crypto in India.
Cointrade offers an individual a complete ecosystem where one can buy and sell cryptos at competitive rates, and deposit and withdraw funds easily. The platform offers complete security and transparency for all transactions on the platform.
The company has been founded by people who have been associated with the crypto industry since its inception. The team behind Cointrade includes experts from various fields such as technology, business development, marketing etc. 
What makes Cointrade unique?
Here a user can buy coins at lower prices than other available Platforms. This makes them a more viable option for any investor who wishes to buy crypto.
The crypto industry is the one that continues to grow every day as the percentage of investors are rapidly increasing in India, especially the young population of the country. People are getting financially knowledgeable and looking to start small investments. And Cointrade is the perfect platform for such a population.

While becoming one of the most popular platforms for crypto traders, Cointrade is leading the way by introducing new coins on its platform, With over 50 different crypto coins available for trading.
One of cointrade’s Sr. Executive Mr. Vikrant Singh believes that this is a big opportunity for new and upcoming to start investing and make it big in crypto. He also thinks that it will take time for crypto to become mainstream because it’s still new for Indians but it’s here to stay and will change the world of finance forever.
He further added: “We have put together the most user-friendly and easy to use UI and users can complete KYC with a few simple clicks through our cointrade app, the most affordable trading fee with 0 charges for deposit and withdrawal, world-class portfolio tracking and the most competitive prices in the entire industry, because we want everyone to have a chance to invest in crypto. If you compare our crypto prices to other exchange prices, we are second to none & that is what makes us the best in the business and hence we are “Sabse sasta – sabka crypto”.”
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