CottonConnect Leads Discussions on Building Resilient Supply Chains and Sustainable Practices at Bharat Tex 2024

Business Wire IndiaCottonConnect, a leading organisation driving responsible sourcing and resilient supply chains in the textile industry, participated in the ongoing Bharat Tex 2024, the world’s largest textile event, taking place from February 26-29, 2024, in New Delhi, India. CottonConnect‘s mission is aligned with Bharat Tex’s theme and looks forward to actively contributing to these discussions through diverse sessions led by its leadership team.

Shaping the Future of Textiles Through Thought Leadership:

  • International CXO Roundtable: Alison Ward, CEO, participated in a high-level discussion with global CEOs, policymakers, and industry leaders, focusing on India’s potential to capitalise on global trends, boost trade, and achieve sustainability targets by 2027.
  • Global Textiles: Mega Trends session – Consumer shifts, tech advancements, and sustainability: Alison was also a key speaker in a session exploring megatrends including technology, innovative manufacturing, and recycling, equipping participants to navigate the ever-changing fashion landscape.
  • Building Resilient Global Apparel Value Chain – India as a reliable source: Kinner Lakhani, COO, joined a roundtable exploring how India can leverage its strengths to become a trusted source for the global apparel industry.
  • Future of Textiles: ESG and Sustainability: Hardeep Desai, Global Head – Farm Programmes, was part of a session delving into the evolving landscape of ESG and sustainability in textiles, discussing strategies and innovations for a more responsible future.

Quotes from CottonConnect Leadership:

Alison Ward, CEO, emphasised the significance of the event and the importance of discussions sustainability, stating, “We are pleased to be part of the first ever Bharat Tex 2024, an event that aligns with our mission of integrating sustainability in cotton supply chains. As the world’s second largest cotton producer , India can play a crucial role in the journey of garment supply chains towards sustainability, aligning with a global demand for brands to focus on ESG.  Brands and retailers are steadily warming up to responsible sourcing of raw materials, making it imperative for supply chains to follow suite. India can lead collaborations to boost trade and investments and support global players in meeting their ESG and sustainability targets by 2027. We at CottonConnect at committed to brand responsibility and accountability, farmer well-being and empowerment – contributing to shaping a sustainable future for the global and Indian apparel industry.”

Kinner Lakhani, COO, a speaker in the Building Resilient Global Apparel Value Chain session, added, “By leveraging its strengths and fostering responsible practices, India can become a key player in building a more resilient and sustainable global apparel supply chain. With PM Modi’s proposal of hosting COP33 in India, it is a perfect time to take bigger strides towards sustainable practices. Better farming practices, capacity building of farmers and employing technology and innovation to make raw materials traceable are pivotal in this journey. India’s empowered agri-workforce will enable us to make a huge difference in the textile industry and fortify India’s position as a reliable apparel source thus ensuring stability and sustainability in the international market.”
Hardeep Desai, Global Head – Farm Programmes, highlights India’s potential, saying, “ESG and sustainability are the future of the textile industry. Growing consumer awareness and tightening regulations are forcing the industry to transform – this is not only ethical but also strategic to overcome challenges. It is crucial to ignite discussions on exploring technologies and practices that enhance visibility and foster transparency for accountability, ethical sourcing, and responsible production practices. We believe this event is a crucial opportunity to showcase India’s potential and discuss strategies for success.”

We are confident that our participation will contribute to strengthening India’s position as a reliable and responsible source for the world’s apparel needs.”

CottonConnect’s participation at Bharat Tex 2024 extends beyond these sessions. The CottonConnect TraceBale booth is a hub for engaging conversations, showcasing innovative solutions, and forging valuable partnerships, focusing in particular on showcasing CottonConnect’s innovative digital traceability platform that supports the creation of robust, resilient, and transparent supply chains in the textile sector.

Together with industry stakeholders, CottonConnect is committed to shaping a future where the textile industry thrives on responsible and sustainable practices, environmental stewardship, and empowered communities.

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