CREST Olympiads Applauds All-Time Top Rankers Dominated by Girls

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CREST Olympiads is excited to announce the list of all-time top rankers since its inception. It is interesting to note that there are 5 girls among the top 6 rankers. CREST Olympiads extends its heartfelt congratulations to all students for their remarkable achievements and wish them the very best for their future endeavors.
CREST Olympiads is an esteemed educational platform that aims to foster academic excellence and holistic development among students worldwide. Through a diverse range of Olympiad exams, CREST provides students with opportunities to showcase their knowledge, skills, and talents in various subjects such as Mathematics, Science, English, Mental Math and Environment.
These Olympiad exams are designed to encourage conceptual learning, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities among students from different age groups. By participating in CREST Olympiads, students not only enhance their academic proficiency but also develop essential life and social skills that are valuable for their future endeavors.
All-time Top 6 Performers In CREST Olympiads
Olympiad exams are challenging, but there are a few champions who make them seem effortless with their outstanding performances. CREST Olympiad is proud to celebrate the achievements of many such champions who have excelled in CREST Olympiad exams through the years. The CREST Olympiads family congratulates these young champions.
Study Secrets of All-time Top Performers
Shravya Bharath, Pune

“One of the best ways to prepare for the Olympiad exam is to practice the previous year’s papers. This will help you to understand the type of questions that are asked and also help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. You can also use these papers to time yourself and improve your speed and accuracy. Such competitions encourage academic excellence and prepare students to face real-world challenges,” said Shravya.

Aashika Singh, Dubai

Aashika said, “Studying a concept from a book, really getting it, and then tackling tons of questions from Olympiads and other sources beyond textbooks has been super helpful for me. It’s like my brain gets tuned to approach the same questions in different ways, and I feel like I almost become a pro at the topic. Adding CREST Olympiads to my daily routine has been awesome because it’s getting me ready for the future and helping me develop a knack for solving problems in different ways.”
Sreejani Bhaduri, Bangalore

“Understanding the basics is crucial for performing well in Olympiad exams. I found that participating in CREST Olympiad exams has significantly improved my grasp of fundamental concepts, benefiting my performance in both Olympiads and school exams. In my view, CREST Olympiad presents a valuable opportunity for learning and competition,” said Sreejani.
Pavan Jolly Pratheesh, Dubai
“I’ve been using a step-by-step method to understand concepts, solve different kinds of questions, and handle my time well. CREST Olympiads gave me a chance to show what I know and learn more, which has also helped me do better in school. I believe that participating in Olympiads not only aids in current grade achievements but also lays a solid groundwork for future academic endeavors. I want to be a doctor one day, and these exams are important steps towards that dream,” Pavan said during an interview with CREST Olympiads.
Fatima Eram Imran Mujawar, Pune
Fatima mentioned, “I’ve been studying consistently, using CREST workbooks, and solving all practice and mock test papers. Regular practice is essential for gaining a deeper understanding of subjects. It’s important to prepare a study schedule, stay focused on your goals, set reminders, and make the most of your time. I found out about CREST Olympiads through social media. The pattern, structure and syllabus of the exams motivated me and helped me build a solid understanding of fundamental concepts in the subjects I was studying.”
Shambhavi Solanki, Tokyo
Setting up a study plan, staying on track with my goals, and managing my time effectively has been crucial for me. Found that taking part in Olympiads not only helps me to do well in my current grades but also prepares me for future academic challenges. It’s like my brain gets trained to tackle questions from different angles, and feel much more confident in the subject matter.
Director Message to Students
Nitin Godawat, Managing Director mentioned that in 2023, students from 62 countries wrote CREST Olympiads. There has been a significant increase from 35 countries from where students appeared in 2022. He has been benchmarking CREST Olympiads with some of the global competitions. In 2023, CREST Olympiads conducted a number of events in association with the Office of Principal Scientific Advisor, Government of India, Association of Indian Principals, Generation Global, UNAccc, EduFund, UTI Mutual Fund, etc. CREST Olympiads was also approved by the Ministry of Education, Jordan for the local students to participate in these exams.
Registration is now open for upcoming batches for the year 2024-2025. Visit CREST Olympiads website at to register and join for the next round of Olympiad exams.