D’Decor Teams up With HeiQ to Launch Antiviral Range and Air Purifying Range of Furnishing Fabrics

Business Wire India
D’Decor Home Fabrics is proud to partner with Swiss textile innovator HeiQ to help their customers live safe and live beautiful.
The D’Decor antiviral and air purifying range of products live up to the philosophy of safe and beautiful home spaces. Textiles provide a large hosting surface for bacteria and viruses that allow them to remain active from days to months, in the current pandemic time, people look for hygienic home solutions more than ever. D’Decor Home Fabrics wanted to find a solution to this problem and render their textiles antiviral and antibacterial. They entered into an exclusive partnership with HeiQ to launch ViroGuard by D’Decor and AeroFresh by D’Decor.
ViroGuard by D’Decor, powered by HeiQViroblock is an antiviral range of home textile products. Fabrics treated with HeiQViroblock have been previously tested effectively against coronavirus, influenza, avian flu, swine flu and respiratory syncytial virus and achieves 99.99% reduction of the virus. ViroGuard aims to destroy viruses and bacteria within a short time and last long on the fabric. D’Decor Home Fabrics will offer upholstery fabrics, curtain fabrics and bedding with this technology.
AeroFresh by D’Decor, powered by HeiQ Fresh, is an air purifying function that uses UV light to improve indoor air quality. Indoor air hygiene has been a major growing concern with increasing risk of human health hazard, and indoor air contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are released from household furnishing, carpets, glues, cleaning sprays, aerosols, flooring, etc. D’Decor Home Fabrics has adopted HeiQ Fresh, HeiQ’s breakthrough air purifying textile technology on their custom-made curtains to help users improve indoor air quality. It works by turning any textile surface into an air purifying surface by immobilizing the VOC molecules in the air and then decomposing them using light. It works quickly (within 24 hours) and lasts up to 20 washes.
D’Decor Home Fabrics is the world’s largest maker of woven upholstery and curtain fabrics. Founded in 1999, they are proud to be ‘globally local’, understanding the aesthetic sensibilities of every country their products are used in. As the partners for premier furniture makers and retailers for upholstery and curtain fabrics around the world, D’Decor has evolved to making bedding products as well.
Based in Mumbai, India, D’Decor Home Fabrics owns five state-of-the-art production plants with cutting edge equipment and the country’s first robotic warehouse. The award-winning company is led by a core team of visionaries, innovators and leaders to create a strong company that has been in business for over two decades.
HeiQ is a three-in-one company: scientific research, specialty materials manufacturing and consumer ingredient brand, all working together to improve the lives of billions of people by perfecting the everyday product of textile. They continue to differentiate and innovate with their partners to create some of the most effective, durable and high-performance textile technologies in the market today.
“D’Decor has always been about beauty and variety. But we feel, that given today’s scenario and the fact that our products form such an integral part of the home, we want to ensure that our products go beyond beauty and actually provide a level of safety and hygiene to our consumers. In HeiQ we’ve found a perfect partner that can augment our creativity and quality with the bleeding edge of technology, with solutions like Viroblock and Fresh.”

Home Furnishing is the most touched surface at home right from the time you draw your curtains, to rest on your couch, cuddle with your cushions or sleep on your bed. With ViroGuard and AeroFresh by D’Decor we are offering our valued customers a promise to help them Live Safe and thereby Live Beautiful,” Ajay Arora, Managing Director – D’Decor Home Fabrics.
“HeiQ is excited to collaborate with D’Decor Home Fabrics to treat their products with both HeiQViroblock and HeiQ Fresh to protect and improve the lives of consumers in their home surroundings,” says Hoi Kwan Lam, HeiQ Group CMO.