Dubshoot Gets Close to the Milestone of 1 Million Downloads With the Ban on TikTok

Business Wire IndiaAfter the ban on Chinese apps in India, millions of users get disheartened due to the prohibition of the largest entertainment platform, TikTok. A similar application, known as Dubshoot which was launched much before the ban. It is an innovative platform by Hyderabad’s mTouch Labs, allowing users to entertain India’s audience.
Dubshoot is emerging as an effective video-sharing platform for Indian citizens who like to make videos in their regional languages. Owing to the ban on Tiktok and other similar Chinese apps, Dubshoot has observed many downloads on the Google Play Store in the last few days.
With almost a million downloads of the application on the Google Play Store, it is slowly emerging as a new sensation. More than fifteen thousand new videos are being uploaded on this platform daily. 
It is a dub-making and video-sharing app, i.e., an excellent replacement for various foreign apps. After the ban of TikTok, many people have downloaded Dubshoot platform for making small video clips and entertain themselves. Users can create and share their unique and entertaining video content for fun. There is no scope of getting boredom as one can scroll the feed for hours.
According to, P Venkateswara Rao, who is the CEO and Co-Founder of mTouch Labs said that many people have shifted their interests from Chinese to Indian apps. There is a massive rise in the number of downloads of this application in June. The download rate is increasing at a rapid pace. He explained multiple features of this platform. It is like other social media platforms, where a user can share videos with friends and family. 
He explained everything about the application in detail, which include dubbing videos on famous dialogues by celebrities. The platform supports multiple Indian languages. The content is completely safe and protected. The most widely used feature in the Dubshoot is Duet feature, where user can record with other’s video side by side.
One can either add their favorite song clip or choose any video make redub from the app’s library.
Talking about Dubshoot’s other features, then this mobile application is way more exciting and unique. There is a timer option that allows to record video for a limited time. It is easy to set the timer and create content automatically. If someone wants to post those videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, etc., click and upload it. The user’s friends can also enjoy and share their videos. 
The user interface of the application is quite simple and easy to use. Any person can understand and operate this app. The best thing about Dubshoot is its transparency and privacy. No one can steal videos or personal information if you make one, keep it under privacy settings. It is an amazing and entertaining replacement of Chinese applications. This app has become widely popular in Sri Lanka, US, India, etc. It allows users to showcase their talent and become famous.
Sharing his views on the platform, Mr. P. Venkateswara Rao, said that Indians have welcomed this app with open hands and have given a green signal to the PM Modi’s endeavor to promote Made in India products and application. He goes on to say that even before the imposition of ban on the use of Chinese products, many Indians had loyally migrated from these platforms to the “Made In India” platforms. The same is observable by seeing the number of downloads of this application in India. Also, the number of downloads is increasing day by day.
Dubshoot is undoubtedly strong from a technical point of view. Also, features numerous content creation tools. This platform can be accessed in all the regional languages of India, including English and Hindi. Also, this application ensures user privacy is maintained at every step.
Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dubshoot