Fluitron Introduces Commercialized One (1) TPD Hydrogen Gas Processing System

Business Wire India

Fluitron LLC, an established developer and manufacturer of industrial-grade gas compression systems, today announced the achievement of a significant milestone with the introduction of a commercialized one (1) ton-per-day hydrogen gas processing system at 520 bar. The industry’s first to integrate components for hydrogen inventory management systems, it is ideal for high flow customers generating hydrogen from MW-size electrolyzers or developing roadside dispensing stations.


Available for global markets immediately, the system compresses and transfers hydrogen from a low-pressure source to high pressure gas distribution tube trailers, which deliver Fuel Cell Grade Hydrogen to dispensing locations. Much more cost efficient than conventional stick-built systems, this packaged system leverages the strong synergies between Fluitron Compressors and Bethlehem Hydrogen’s engineering excellence.


“Becoming an industry-leader in the hydrogen field requires an intense focus on development of simple, cost-effective solutions for our customers,” said Tom Joseph, VP of Business Development of Fluitron LLC. “The increased compressor capacity and integrated tube trailer filling system sets a new bar for the industry with regard to lowering installed capital costs. This system clearly demonstrates our commitment to continuously exceed market expectations as we add new processes, systems, and products to our product line offerings.”


About Fluitron


Fluitron is a global leader in precision technology for clean energy. With over 45 years of experience, Fluitron has grown to become a trusted partner for industrial gas compression technologies. Setting the bar in creating equipment that safely handles hydrogen and other specialized gases, Fluitron has the expertise to deliver the technology critical to your mission. For more information, www.fluitron.com.