Gadgetshieldz Launches Their State-of-the-Art Tempered Glass Screen Protector – X.Glas

Business Wire IndiaAfter ruling the mobile accessories industry with skins and clear full body protection films, Gadgetshieldz, India’s leading mobile skins and screen protector brand, has finally revealed their Tempered Glass screen guards range under their sub-brand X.Glas.
Gadgetshieldz’s vision for the X.Glas is to break through the clutter of inferior quality glass protectors and provide Tempered glass screen guards that are of much superior quality and can save you from expensive screen replacements.
The CEO of Gadgetshieldz, Mukesh Jain, says, “Over the years we have been asked by so many of our customers if our products offer drop protection for the screens. These frequent customer requests and the ridiculous cost of screen replacements pushed us to launch Project-X, a mission to create the ultimate glass screen protector.
 X.Glas was our pet project. We had waited so many years to launch tempered glass screen protectors so that the quality of existing glass manufacturing can come up to the quality standards we had set with our existing products. We scoured the globe for the finest glass materials, processed them through state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and put them through a battery of rigorous impact and scratch tests. Finally, X.Glas was born after a grueling 13 months of research and testing. But we are not complaining. The final product is of top notch quality and is going to be a game changer in the tempered glass screen protector category.”
With toughness being their prime USP, Gadgetshieldz has launched X.Glas in two versions – Ultra and Plus. Made with CORNING glass, the glass that is used in all your flagship phone screens, X.Glas Ultra is second only to diamonds and sapphire when it comes to toughness and scratch resistance providing three times the break and scratch resistance of standard screen protectors. The Ultra version also features lots of other features and an easy application tray making installation, a snap.
The X.Glas Plus, made with a tough Aluminate glass, is no slouch either. The plus version also offers much tougher protection than standard glass protectors featuring 2X break and scratch resistance, Anti-fingerprint ceramic coating, reinforced edges and much more.
Both the versions are case compatible and can be combined with skins and ultra-thin full body protectors from Gadgetshieldz providing much tougher protection without the added bulk of cases.