Gujarat Based Rahul Roadlines Strengthens Partnership with drivebuddyAI, Expands Fleet and Driver Safety Coverage with ADAS and AMCS

Business Wire IndiadrivebuddyAI, A leading ADAS product company in India providing solutions for the logistics industry, proudly announces the expansion of its partnership with Rahul Roadlines – a leading logistics company specializing in the transportation of hazardous, high-value chemicals. With successful 1.5 years of engagement covering 10% of their fleet, Rahul Roadlines has placed an immediate order to cover half of their fleet, with a commitment to eventually extend the coverage to their entire fleet with a five-year engagement program. Rahul Roadlines is one of the prominent players in HazMat (Hazardous material) transportation from chemical manufacturing plants from Dahej/Hazira to across India.
Mr. Rahul Deep Sandhu – owner at Rahul Roadlines has been quite enthusiastic about using cameras & AI in the trucks and has been leveraging drivebuddyAI’s ADAS and AMCS, which includes road-facing and driver-facing cameras, along with external cameras for 360-degree surveillance. This technology has been instrumental in ensuring the safety and reliability of Rahul Roadlines’ fleet operations, particularly for their hazardous, high-value chemical transportation.
“ADAS Cameras are the new normal in the logistics industry today. The technology has evolved, the service providers have evolved and there’s a demand from everywhere and using such technology benefiting us while pitching for supply chain & logistics business to the chemical manufacturers,” shared Rahul Deep Sandhu.
Integrated ADAS & AMCS are the systems with 6 to 8 cameras installation across the vehicle. ADAS does the job for driver behaviour monitoring and AMCS does the job for surveillance. AMCS stands for Advanced Multicamera System. The cloud platform displays LIVE view of the truck from all the angles as well as ADAS helps drivers keep focusing while driving identifying the odds of distractions, drowsiness & collision warnings.

“Over the past 1.5 years, our partnership with drivebuddyAI has evolved from a pilot project into the expansion covering half of our fleet. For us, the Hazmat transportation requires more check-points, if anything goes wrong and it could have been a catastrophic impact not only on the business but also on the ecosystem. From the litigation to insurance claims to ensure the customers about safety & security, the video data as a proof helps. We have had cases in the past and thanks to drivebuddyAI’s support we could exonerate our fleet and drivers from incidents of thefts and minor crashes,” said Rahul Sandhu on partnership with drivebuddyAI.

“After adopting drivebuddyAI, we invested for setting up a command and control centre to pro-active monitoring of the fleets and the drivers. drivebuddyAI helps us with required notification for taking actions by command centre in case of any violations by drivers. This approach has improved our positioning in logistics segment as a reliable service provider with assurance on safety & security. On the other hand, the drivebuddyAI team provides coaching to our drivers to improve on their mistakes and has seen significant improvements in reduction on the critical events like phone use, drowsiness & seatbelt violations. The impact of improvements is long lasting and makes the ROI way higher with reduction in off-road/downtime, theft control, behavioural improvements and insurance benefits etc. ADAS involves end-to-end safety & surveillance. Starting with ADAS for behavioural improvement via voice alerts to the drivers to 360-degree view of the truck surrounding make it easier for the operations team to take decisions much faster,” said Rahul Sandhu on impact of drivebuddyAI ADAS on fleet management.

“We use cars with advanced features like ADAS, AEB etc but the trucks which is the source of income for logistics companies are driven 10-12 hours a day having no such features. The reason behind adopting technology as that trucks are driven way more than cars and also the risk associated with trucks are way higher.”

“We see the drivebuddyAI team as a part of our operations team. Our teams are aligned and coordinate for any needs, they have been quite prompt in the service provision in case of any technical or operational issues. I have been sharing my experience with drivebuddyAI and the benefits of having the product with my customers in chemical manufacturing and other transporters from similar industries of gas and Hazmat. I see a huge potential in the technology in coming times and would recommend the product to all my fellow transporters,” shared Rahul Sandhu from Rahul Roadlines.

“ADAS technology has evolved in the last couple of years specifically in India. Our products and technology are built with AI as a backbone of all the features we provide. We are one of the largest data holders in the country with 300 Mn KMs of geo-tagged video data and experience of handling corner cases of driver behaviour across. The impact of the product on the logistics world is significant from driver tracking, alerts, events, live streaming, notifications and empowering the fleet managers to take pro-active actions in case of any criticality to reduce the risk due to fatigue, drowsiness, and seatbelt compliances. The overall risk reduction is around 70% for any fleet once they adopt to ADAS technology in their operations,” shared Nisarg about the technology and its impact on the logistics world.

“ADAS are high-speed systems which runs on good computing with having assistive capabilities for the drivers, the first challenge is to ensure drivers are on the page adopting them. The second challenge is the environment of operation i.e. road, dust etc makes us to ensure the reliability of the hardware. The ADAS is not only used for driver assistance but also a tool as a data recorder for the smallest incident to the major ones making it available to the customer within a short duration of the impact. The uptime needs to be maintained for the fleet companies to make the most of the product. We have been learning from the field experiences, customers, drivers and numerous challenges coming our way daily, making us an experienced product company serving on the field executing ADAS on trucks, buses & cars since 2019 commercially,” Shared Nisarg Pandya on challenges of executing ADAS on-field.

“The demand from India & overseas market is growing. With the introduction of ADAS in cars, market is quite educated about the features & benefits of it. The chain effect in the logistics industry also makes an impact where market leaders start executing such projects and rest of the market follows a good practices of logistics operations. India has a good pool of indigenous products, service support and the best part is the market is evolving with competition for features and capabilities like AI accuracy, competencies etc. In India, we have very few companies who’re product makers and also service providers. We’re one of the markers with our own IPs in AI, software, product design etc and we keep filing new patents. The environment of supporting Indian companies and Indian talent has emerged in past few years and as a result of our work and Rappaport with our existing customers like Rahul Roadlines, we are winning new opportunities in different parts of the nation and overseas,” shared Nisarg Pandya on the Indian market and growth opportunities for ADAS products.