Herby Angel Launches Range of Bala Ashwagandhadi Oil Based Skin Care Products for Babies and Kids

Business Wire India

  • This exclusive range will be available for sale at Herbyangel.com and other E-commerce platforms
  • The launch marks Herby Angel as the only brand to offer Bala Ashwagandhadi range starting from INR 145

Herby Angel, India’s safest organic personal care and nutrition brand for babies and kids, has launched India’s first Bala Ashwagandhadi baby care range. The 8 organic, Ayurvedic baby and kids care products will be available on Herby Angel’s website, Amazon & FirstCry. Shriya Saran, the brand ambassador of Herby Angel, has been actively endorsing the Bala Ashwagandhadi range and is being vocal about its benefits.
Bala Ashwagandhadi oil is known for strengthening bones and muscles, improving digestion and cognitive development, boosting immunity, improving sleep and benefiting the overall wellbeing of children. All the products in the Bala Ashwagandhadi range have this miraculous oil infused in for additional benefits, making it a perfect combination of the rich heritage of Ayurveda and modern science that provides a holistic approach for children’s wellbeing. This luxurious assortment includes Bala Ashwagandhadi body massage oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Body Butter, Ubtan, Baby Powder, Soap, Face Cleanser, and Sunscreen. All the products in the Bala Ashwagandhadi collection will remain available for sale on the brand’s website.
Sherry Jairath, CXO of Herby Angel, says, “As a parent, I understand the importance of providing children with the best possible products. We at Herby Angel have put our hearts and souls into developing these natural and organic Ayurveda-based solutions which are designed to provide extraordinary care to your children during their most fragile stages of growth and development. These Bala Ashwagandhadi oil based products are meticulously crafted to nurture, protect, and pamper babies in the most natural way. We encourage parents to embrace the goodness of Ayurveda and experience the joy of watching their little ones blossom with Herby Angel.”
The new Bala Ashwagandhadi range sports high-quality and competitively priced products that are 100% safe, natural, organic, and chemical-free. The brand unites the wisdom of nature, science, and Ayurveda to provide little ones the best of health and wellness solutions right from their formative years.