HSNC University Launches Its Five Year Integrated M.A., M.Sc. Programs

Business Wire IndiaThe Education sector is transforming at a rapid pace, and the future of education is dynamic. Thus, to keep abreast of the pace in technology and trends, students must upgrade and up skill themselves constantly with relevant knowledge. Therefore, to attain experiential learning, it is vital to take up a course that focuses on meeting the future essentials of the industry.
Interdisciplinary integrated courses are not often offered at every segment that can broaden the learning horizons. The reason for the integrated course is the rising demand. It is due to the growing role of specialization and competitions in the current era. The lucrative future prospects for professionals have turned the students to look for the courses wherein they can enroll in early days and hence, come out with flying colors. HSNC University understood the need and thus came up with a unique Five Year Integrated M.A M.Sc. program to help students attain the maximum knowledge. Thus, to enhance students’ learning abilities, HSNC University is launching its Five Year Interdisciplinary Integrated Program to define a new era of education in 2021.
The HSNC university is offering Admissions to its Program in Science and Arts with Provision of Lateral Entry. The Five Year Integrated Program is designed to provide a much more in-depth analysis, detailed study, and a strong understanding of the relevant subjects. It will help students to learn practically and result in the development of their professional skills and knowledge.
The program serves the purpose of being student friendly where a student can exit the program after 3 years with a B. A. (Hons.), B.A (Hons. – 4 Years) and further take a degree in M.A after completing Five Years. The students willing to take admissions in M.A course can opt for M.A in Education, Performing Arts, Sindhi, Marathi. It is a unique program which will help students attain profound knowledge in Language, Culture and Synthesis, Regional Language and Local Dialects, Educational Management & Technology. For the B.Sc. and M.Sc. options, there is a provision that students can complete five years and receive three Degrees in B. Sc. (Hons. – 3 Years), B. Sc. (Hons. – 4 Years) and M. Sc. The students taking admissions to the M.Sc. program can opt for options in Computer Science, Information Technology, Yoga. The emphasis of the M.Sc. course is to give an insight into the trending and upcoming fields, which will be creating an everlasting impact in future. The course completely follows the norms of National Educational Policy 2020. 
The salient features of the M.A and M.Sc. programs include Industry Endorsed Curricula, Choice Based Credit System, with Contemporary Relevance and aligned to Enriched Research Culture and Entrepreneurship. Since the University is quite reputable, it has Industry & International Linkages to help students attain pragmatic learning. Also. the M.O.U. with reputed foreign universities for student exchange programmes gives a cutting edge to the programme.
Additionally, there are several other aspects that students can explore. There are merit based scholarships for students and a unique ‘Learn and Earn: An internship Program with Stipend’ option where students can earn while they are in this program. The course is curated with a Personalized learning model of Tutorial and Self Learning, and students can benefit from the Student Research Publication which takes place quarterly.
What makes this programme stand out from others is the affiliation of HSNC University with three reputed colleges of Mumbai. The three prestigious institutes, namely H. R. College of Commerce and Economics, K. C. College (a multidisciplinary institution) and Bombay Teachers Training College serve as the trust factor for students because of their legacy of 70 years of Educational Administration. Also, the colleges have highest NAAC grading, which is another feather in the cap. The HSNC Board has managed and established 23 educational institutions continuously serving the community by providing quality education, from school education to higher education. Thus, in turn, enhancing and living up to the expectations of all the students as stakeholders.
Furthermore, the placement and Industrial training opportunities are excellent along with Industry supported research projects aligned with evaluation. It provides a cutting edge to the university where cordial relations with the industry help students to attain pragmatic learning. Also, the Placement Cell works rigorously to provide best placement offers by engaging with companies on various fronts such as Internship Drives for first year and second year students, and Article assistance for the aspiring CAs. The University holds a reputation with the highest package being 11 LPA, and the students getting placement offers from reputable firms such as Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Deloitte, JP Morgan, KPMG, Morgan Stanley, to name a few.
Thus, the HSNC University ensures a healthy environment to nurture students and make them capable of building a successful career path ahead. The program’s emphasis is to provide holistic development to the students with practical learning from various sources and uplift their learning standards in a Leading centre of innovation and knowledge creation. Therefore, establishing A New Era In Education.