HyperVerge’s Liveness Passes PAD Level 2 Testing to Be ISO 30107-1/30107-3 Level 2 Complaint

Business Wire India

HyperVerge, the leading provider of AI-based identity verification (KYC) has been certified with Level 2 compliance for its liveness technology by a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) accredited biometric testing laboratory.
Having already cleared ISO Level 1 certification, HyperVerge has now obtained the Level 2 compliance certification after passing the Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) level 2 test that is used to identify attempts to deceive face recognition-based biometric systems by presenting advanced impersonation artefacts and forgeries such as 3D masks, latex or silicone masks, and other artefacts that are significantly harder to detect. With this certification, HyperVerge becomes one of the very few identity verification solutions in the world to be compliant with ISO 30107-1/30107-3, making its liveness technology among the best.

“Being compliant is an area which all companies continue to prioritise. Our digital identity suite, combining liveness detection and compliance features, can prevent impersonation attacks and identify non-compliant images, like closed eyes or blurry photos, right from the start. This helps avoid extra work in later stages,” said Kedar Kulkarni, CEO of HyperVerge. “The HyperVerge ONE platform with modules such as liveness, face authentication, bank account verification, etc provides the best conversion rates for end-to-end user onboarding while minimising frauds and staying compliant.”
HyperVerge’s single image passive liveness uses Artificial Intelligence to detect if the selfie being clicked is that of a live person by the capture of a single image. This Artificial Intelligence has been proven at scale, with over 850 million liveness checks over the past 3 years with over 99.9% accuracy. Unlike active liveness, passive liveness doesn’t require users to perform gestures, improving user experience, reducing friction, and boosting conversions.
“Identity fraud is quite a pertinent issue today with attacks such as deepfakes and camera injections becoming quite rampant. I’m excited to share that our AI and Engineering teams at HyperVerge have not only built advanced AI-based liveness models for catching deepfaked selfies, but also developed anti-injection and anomaly detection algorithms that stop camera injections right at the source,” said Vignesh Krishnakumar, CTO of HyperVerge. “Over time, fraud techniques may evolve into more sophisticated forms, but HyperVerge is committed to pioneering cutting edge fraud detection and identity verification technology to protect the innocent and those serving them.”