IMA Promotes CMA With “Start Your Tomorrow Today” Global Campaign

Business Wire IndiaIMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) launched a global promotional campaign for its CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) qualification this week, offering a 50% discount on the CMA entrance fee and IMA membership until June 5.
IMA is extending its support to finance and accounting professionals by highlighting the need to acquire new skills to remain relevant in the professional space. Through this campaign, IMA focuses on encouraging finance and accounting professionals to continue working on upskilling themselves for the future, despite the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
IMA has extended this offer to the CMA training providers around the world in order to help their candidates to move ahead while pursuing the CMA. The global campaign will include all regions under the discount code CMA50.
Speaking about the campaign, Jeff Thomson, CMA, CSCA, CAE, IMA President and CEO said, “With this global campaign, IMA reinforces its commitment towards the development of finance and accounting professionals while guiding them on how they can add value to their organizations. It is imperative that finance professionals garner a full understanding of advanced technologies and strategies – the CMA certification enables them to develop such skills while helping them to achieve their full potential.”
“Since education is part of our social responsibility, it is important that IMA does its part to support the finance and accounting profession as much as possible, even more so during this critical time in history. We have the potential to come out of the current situation stronger and to overcome future challenges by focusing on upskilling and continuing learning,” he added.
A CMA is a trusted business advisor who works in the areas of financial planning, analysis, and management decision-making. Value creation is an essential part of a CMA’s role. Through the improved and newly acquired skills, finance and accounting professionals gain a broader, more operational view of all business functions, thereby moving beyond the prism of finance and accountancy functions and become more able to support decision-making, formulating, and implementing strategy. CMAs are therefore empowered to deliver strategic value in technologically enhanced and increasingly automated workplaces, thus better preparing them to assume leadership positions.
IMA’s globally recognized CMA program incorporates on-the-job knowledge and skills that professionals need in this changing profession – now and in the future.