Immunization an Important Aspect of Preventive Health: Experts at the 2nd Edition of India Immunization Summit by IHW Council

Business Wire IndiaIndia is prepared for the shift from childhood immunization to life-course immunization, provided sensitization is done at a mass level to address the issue of vaccine hesitancy in the larger part of the population, concluded the experts at the 2nd edition of the India Immunization Summit. The Summit was organised by the health think tank, Integrated Health and Wellbeing Council, with Pfizer and BSV as the Associate Sponsors for the event.

The experts also highlighted the positive impact that adult vaccination can have on ensuring better quality of life for the aged population and also in checking public health threats like Anti- Microbial Resistance, in the longer run.

Dr. K. Madan Gopal, Sr. Consultant (Health), NITI Aayog while taking part in the discussion noted that adult vaccination is an important aspect of “womb to tomb” healthcare services and assured that it is a work in progress with rapid advocacy and deliberations happening in the sphere of life-course immunization, at the policy level.

The event was organised to commemorate World Immunization Week, initiated by World Health Organisation every year in the last week of April, to create awareness on the significance of vaccination for protecting people and to motivate them to get vaccinated to prevent deadly infections.

Mr. Vishwanath Swarup, COO, India Business, BSV while speaking on the occasion observed, “We need to create a behavioural shift for as far as adult vaccination is concerned, use of different media platforms in public-private models should be initiated to create awareness on the significance of vaccines in adults.”

This year the theme for the week has been very rightly chosen as “the Big Catch up” as during the pandemic, the world witnessed a disruption in routine immunization in many parts of the world, thus exposing large chunks of population to deadly-preventable diseases.

Mr. Sharad Goswami, Sr. Director, Global Policy & Public Affairs, Pfizer India remarked, “Awareness is a significant challenge when it comes to adult immunization. If policy pathways allow, the private and not-for-profit sector can also support the Government in building awareness around vaccine-preventable diseases.”

The sessions were led by renowned experts in the field of public health and immunization who shared their valuable insights and perspectives on the significance of immunization and the role that technology can play in accelerating this shift from illness to wellness.

While taking part in the discussion Mr. Kamal Narayan, CEO of IHW Council said, “The record-breaking vaccine drive that the country saw during Covid19 is an important template that needs to be followed as far as adult vaccination is concerned. Despite being a global leader in vaccine production and distribution as witnessed during the pandemic, India has negligible adult vaccination coverage.” He further added expanding access to immunization is crucial to achieving the motto of “leaving no one behind” for the stride towards SDG’s and advocacy is a pivotal aspect to shift the focus from childhood vaccination to a life-course holistic approach.