In a Pioneering Move, Botify Integrates ChatGPT to Enhance Existing Core AI Capabilities

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Botify, a leading performance marketing platform for organic search, announces Botify Assist, a collection of ChatGPT-powered tools for the Botify community. This first-of-its-kind offering combines the vast intelligence of the GPT-4 API with Botify’s proprietary unified data model, building upon existing core AI functionality to provide additional insight and content recommendations for greater organic search impact. By further unlocking the power of the Botify platform, users will be empowered to make strategic decisions even faster and implement more content ideas at scale – further helping brands be found in this new era of search.


Organic search is quickly becoming the preferred channel by savvy digital marketers. Recent data from Gartner shows that CMOs are choosing to harness the power of organic search to amplify their other online marketing efforts, with a 45% expected investment increase, averaging about 9% of total marketing budget.


Botify’s enhanced capabilities will provide a deeper level of analysis and insight that can empower brands with the ability to uncover new opportunities and optimize their content with even greater speed, relevancy and precision. Specifically, with Botify Assist, platform users now have access to:


  • A personalized search assistant that helps users find information within Botify’s platform of over 1,000 data points. Users can ask simple questions in plain text, while the tool uses advanced technology to search and provide real-time results without requiring complicated search queries or filters. The user-friendly, chat-like interface makes it easy for anyone to find the answers they need quickly.
  • AI-powered content optimization recommendations to assist content writers in developing the most relevant and impactful web content for ultimate findability. By analyzing pages and the latest search trends, Botify Assist delivers tailored recommendations for enhancing page titles and meta descriptions of the most strategic landing pages, as well as identifying content gaps by recommending additional relevant topics and keywords – driving both sustained visibility and brand authority.

Having already partnered with Microsoft Bing to promote the indexing of their clients’ most critical site pages in real-time, Botify is now integrating the same generative intelligence supported by Bing to deliver even more value to enterprise teams.


AI is rewriting the rules of organic search, especially how results are sorted and summarized through new Large Language Models. Over time, it will become impossible for enterprise websites to keep pace with change and user demand without AI innovation on their side. By embracing the mission-critical advancements AI innovation brings to search technology, Botify is now delivering essential ChatGPT-enabled capabilities to further enable organic findability with both speed and relevance.


“With the introduction of generative AI, brands can respond to shifting consumer trends faster and with greater relevance than ever before,” said Adrien Menard, Co-Founder and CEO of Botify. “AI has underpinned our innovations from the very beginning, so embracing the promise of ChatGPT was an obvious choice. Having always been at the forefront of organic search innovation, Botify remains committed to defining the industry’s future and is thrilled to offer these cutting-edge capabilities to our customers.”


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Botify, a leading performance marketing platform for organic search, strengthens the digital brand experience by creating greater content findability. Using proprietary first-party data, Botify protects and scales organic web traffic by surfacing deeper insights and understanding behind hidden organic search ROI—offering intelligent opportunities to increase relevant search results, profitability and build better brand authority in parallel and at scale.