Indian Exporters on Amazon Global Selling See Approximately 50 Percent Business Growth During Prime Day 2022

Business Wire India

During the Prime Day event held globally on July 12-13 this year, Indian exporters on Amazon Global Selling saw approximately 50% business growth, selling hundreds of thousands of Made in India products to customers across the world. Against the backdrop of economic upheavals faced by Indian businesses in recent times, this shopping event provided a big opportunity to bring more Indian exporters into the global ambit and boost Indian e-commerce worldwide. Several globally popular Indian brands such as Vahdam Teas, D’Moksha Homes, ITC, California Design Den, Slurrp Farm, Imagimake Toys, and Soulflower, among others, participated in Prime Day 2022.

“The global Amazon Prime Day 2022 was a great experience for us as we saw our business grow almost 5x compared to a regular day,” says Puneet Nanda, Founder, GuruNanda, which offers a line of exquisite oils and diffusers. Dhvanil Sheth, the founder of Skillmatics, a leading global education brand, also echoes a similar sentiment. “Prime Day 2022 was a huge success for us as we grew 4x compared to last year; we exceeded our planned numbers and were pleasantly surprised by the strong customer love for the brand,” he says.

“Prime Day has traditionally been a celebration for Prime members. We are happy this year we enabled Indian exporters on Amazon Global Selling to take hundreds of thousands of Made in India products to customers worldwide. With more and more people relying on e-commerce globally, we believe Amazon Global Selling will help accelerate the exports business for sellers of all sizes,” says, Bhupen Wakankar, Director, Amazon Global Selling India.

Great demand for Indian products

Amazon customers across markets like North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan shopped for a range of products from Indian exporters across categories. The highest growth was seen in categories like kitchen products, STEM toys, apparel and footwear, office products, and beauty and healthcare. The US, UK, and Australia continued to drive business growth for Indian exporters this Prime Day, while Japan emerged as a new high-growth destination with sellers seeing nearly 3x business growth year on year.

“We strongly believe that our product—luxury bed sheets—is an ideal e-commerce product in the US. In just 5 years of launching our products on, California Design Den has gained immense popularity among customers in the US. This year was our first Prime Day on the Amazon Japan marketplace, and we were able to do nearly 15x our daily sales,” says Deepak Mehrotra, Co-Founder, California Design Den.

Building global appeal for Indian products

Amazon worked with Indian exporters on the Global Selling program to identify key shopping trends and bring in relevant product assortment, apart from supporting them with logistics solutions to get their inventory ready, and recommending a range of deals and advertising options to choose from.

Deep Bajaj, Founder, Sirona, says, “We joined Amazon immediately after we started operations in 2016 and today, we have risen to be one of the bestsellers in women’s menstrual care and intimate care in India and in markets like the US, Australia, and more. With almost 5 years with Amazon, we have achieved a lot and were also one of the winners of the Propel Accelerator program last year. For us, Prime Day is an important enabler to grow the business; we achieved about 2x growth on (USA) over business as usual, basis high demand for our innovative products like Pee Buddy, Sweat Pads, and Disposable Bags.”

Speaking about building quality products for the world, Dhvanil of Skillmatics says, “We are dedicated to creating innovative and holistic ways for children to learn through play, and we remain committed to creating the world’s best educational toy brand from India.”

Reiterating Amazon’s commitment to support Indian sellers to achieve global success, Bhupen Wakankar adds, “As we work towards our pledge of enabling $20 billion in cumulative exports from India by 2025, the entire team at Amazon Global Selling remains focused on making exports easy and accessible for small businesses and contribute to the Indian government’s vision of boosting exports from the country.”

More about Amazon Global Selling

Amazon Global Selling is a flagship program that helps lower the entry barrier for Indian MSMEs to start or expand their exports business using e-commerce. The program was launched in India in 2015 to help Indian exporters reach customers worldwide through Amazon’s international websites and marketplaces. It provides an avenue for businesses of all sizes to build global brands. Today there are more than one lakh exporters across India on the program, showcasing millions of Made in India products to customers in 200+ countries and territories across the world. Many of these businesses are first-generation entrepreneurs and emerging brands. Amazon Global Selling has been witnessing remarkable growth and seller including Indian MSMEs exporting through the program have surpassed $5 billion in cumulative sales till now.