Inspired by The Akhand Single Viral Trend, ShareChat Announces Anti-Valentine’s Week

Business Wire India
Love is in the air, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. But what about the singles saying “no thanks” to romance? While the entire love week has raised the mush quotient, the Akhand singles have already started their detox journey – Thanks to the ‘Akhand Single pledge’ going viral with over 14 million views across social media platforms including over 1 million on ShareChat and counting. The trending video, posted by a ShareChat user @_deep___creation, showcases a group of guys pledging to stay away from the silliness of romance and embrace singlehood. This video was then reshared by users on multiple platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube among others and also shared by popular social media influencers like Sagarcasm, Harami Parindey, Sahil Array, Rakshak Pandey and others. This anti-love viral movement has inspired ShareChat, India’s leading multilingual social media platform, to celebrate singlehood with its own Anti-Valentine’s week campaign. 
During this anti-valentine’s week starting from 15th – 21st February, ShareChat will host various exciting in-app activities for singles to celebrate their freedom. Staying far away from all things love and romance, the ShareChat community can now get ready to celebrate their singlehood in a week-long celebration; these include –

  • 15th February – Slap Day – to slap away all your feelings for your ex
  • 16th February – Kick Day – to kick away gifts from your ex
  • 17th February – Perfume Day – a day of self love and care
  • 18th February – Flirting Day – a day to flirt but no commitment; because a little flirting caused no harm
  • 19th February – Confession Day – a day to confess your feelings around singlehood and freedom
  • 20th February – Missing Day – a day dedicated to telling your favorite person that you are missing them – can be a friend who helped during your breakup or a family member who supports you
  • 21st February – Break Up Day – a day created as an opportunity to breakup with the feelings of the past and the ex; time to discover a new you

ShareChat will also organise a hunt for the ‘Most Single User’ via its audio chat room feature. This will begin on 16th February from 5pm onwards, to participate users, will take part in a rapid fire round by – introducing themselves in a fun way, answering questions on their singlehood, talking about why being single is better etc. This will be followed by the Single Leaders Quiz, where they need to pick a famous single person and talk about their contributions to the world and what it would be like if they were committed. In the consecutive rounds, participants will have to give a two minute speech on ‘Why the world needs more single people?’. The final round would include creating an ‘Instant Singles’ anthem and fun singles’ quotes. The top three winners will be rewarded with exciting gifts like boAt Avante bar, Noise Smart Watch and JBL Headphones along with in-app rewards like frames and themes for top 10.

Talking about the ShareChat Anti Valentine Week campaign, Shashank Shekhar, Sr. Director, Content Strategy and Operations, Moj and ShareChat said, “ShareChat is home to trending Indian content and we often see our community express their creativity in the most captivating way. The Akhand Single video is a striking example of this. Taking inspiration from the hilarious and relatable viral video we decided to design the Anti-Valentine’s Week, to bring together all singles on our platform and give them a unique social experience through our in-app campaigns and audio chatroom feature. Making all Akhand Singles unite!”
So, if you have had enough of the mushy conversations and want a detox, join the singles and celebrate anti-valentine’s week on ShareChat!

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